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  1. Dishwashing is a tough job. Definitely include it and be proud of it I used to dishwash, deliver newspapers, and clean toilets. I’m glad I did it. Taught me discipline, respect, and resilience at a young age.
  2. Studying topics that you’re passionate about is always a great idea. Make sure you maintain a high GPA!!
  3. Back when I was applying in 2018, I got off the waitlist on June 5th! I then rescinded my offer at Alberta and accepted Mac! Don't lost hope and hang in there everyone! The wait was worth it All the best!
  4. Don’t worry. Most students who fail an exam just need to do a makeup exam. I’ve failed a clerkship exam before. It really sucks and it’s stessful. But honestly, It’s no big deal. Just pass the re-take and it won’t even show up on your transcript. I know someone who had to retake a clerkship exam 3 times and still matched. Trust your dean. You’ll be okay.
  5. Thanks so much for your advice. I've booked an upcoming appointment with Lisa. I haven't heard of Haslett, so I'll search them up too. Given all the perks, I'll likely be switching to DofBC!
  6. I currently have OMA disability insurance (enrolled since 1st year med). I matched to a BC residency and just received a talk about the disability plan with Doctors of BC. The plans sound very similar. Would you recommend keeping OMA or switching to the BC plan? I'm over 30 and plan to live in BC permanently. Thank you!
  7. You're at Mac, right? The FM clerkship coordinators are quite rigid unfortunately. They will not take requests or switches for preceptors unless you have specific pre-approved accommodations. With that said, there's many, many FM preceptors in Hamilton, you'd be quite unlucky to match with the one you didn't click with.
  8. Back when I was applying in 2017/18, I received an offer from UofA as an OOP with a 3.87 GPA and 508 MCAT.
  9. I think any experience that is meaning and impactful to you deserves to be written about. Regarding your experience, write about the challenges you encountered, how you managed these challenges, and how you learned/grew/changed from them. Focus on the positives and what you gained. You know yourself the best and every one’s story is unique. Telling your own personal story is the most important.
  10. I agree with @anbessa21 . If a preceptor doesn't sound enthusiastic about writing you a letter, don't use it. Like you, I've been rejected for reference letter requests too (many times in fact). Sometimes, things just don't click. Whenever I sense any slight hesitation, I automatically write off that potential letter. I think of it as a numbers game. I think I asked like 10 preceptors, and got 5 strong letters to choose from. Focus your time on doing well on your clinical rotations and get your letters there. For rotations with multi-preceptors, I asked the preceptor I spent the most ti
  11. It definitely is! Still shook and in disbelief!! I saw you got accepted to McGill! That is amazing! You'll do wonderful !
  12. Three years flew by just like that. I can't believe I'm graduating next month! Re-reading this post has brought back so many memories. I fortunately matched yesterday and will be going back home for Family Medicine! It's my dream specialty and location--I am so excited! Medical school has truly been an amazing journey. There hasn't been a single day that I regretted making this decision. I know recent times have been extremely difficult for all. If there's anything I learned in my last few years, it is that the toughest experiences are the ones that bring out the best in u
  13. I think being a non-trad student during CaRMs was an advantage. Our diverse life experiences enable us to standout from the crowd. We have interesting stories to tell. Our unique experiences and perspectives are valued by residencies. My close friends, all non-trad students, none of us backed up, and we all fortunately matched to our #1 choices this year in various specialties including cardiothoracic surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, and psychiatry. Please feel free to DM if you need any help! All the best!!
  14. 10 minutes, friends. No matter what happens, you are ALL FRICKEN AWESOME!!!! YOU'LL BE AMAZING DOCTORS!!!! Thank you for everyone's support on this crazy, emotional ride. I'm so grateful for you all.
  15. When we wake up tomorrow, our lives will change. Wishing everyone all the best!!!!
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