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  1. UofT: closed file - interviewers will only know your name and schoolMcMaster: MPI (mini personal interview); closed as per info sessions this week McGill: Open UBC: closed (5 questions, asynchronous pre recorded interview questions) Queen's: "interviewers will have access to your CV and personal letter and in most cases will not have reviewed the remainder of your application" Dalhousie: personal letter only Calgary: closed (emailed coordinator and received confirmation Ottawa: Closed Western: Closed (not confirmed, but heard was closed last year from residents)
  2. What a rollercoaster year it has been! We’ve come so far and I can’t believe our medical school journey is coming to an end. I wish everyone all the best on their interviews! We got this!!!
  3. It’s totally fine to take days off. There’s a coordinator for each rotation. Email them in advance about your dentist appointment and they will try to schedule you around it. If they can’t switch it, then you can always switch shifts with another student. If neither option works, then you can submit an LOA to the clerkship director of that rotation. No one I know have ever received any push backs for medical appointments, even last minute urgent ones.
  4. Has anyone received the VidCruiter link to UBC FM asynchronous interviews yet?
  5. Sorry to hear about your rejection. I would definitely email the program/PD for feedback and ask if you can be put on waitlist.
  6. I think for a school who received one polite email from a rejected applicant to then contact their home school and file for disciplinary action is a highly unlikely scenario--preposterous in my opinion. I do not think there is anything unprofessional about asking for feedback. Of course, if the applicant sends repeated, rude emails then that's another story. But one email, I doubt it. Your future on the on the line here. I think it's worth the risk.
  7. Sorry I still don’t get it. Did western FM invites come out already ?
  8. I'd say do it even if their website says they don't want to be contacted. You have nothing to lose. Perseverance is valued. Wish you all the best and good luck!
  9. great question, I actually never realized that and have no idea. I think I might just google the time when March hits.
  10. Just got the email interview invite for Dal FM! Schedule your interviews now!!
  11. It’s really naive to think that as long as you love what you do, working 80-100 hours all the time is okay. This is not about counting hours, it’s about worklife balance. If physicians cannot properly care for themselves, how can they care for their patients? Thankfully hours get a lot better as a staff, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, burnout is real and there are other priorities in life that matter just as much as one’s career, like family, hobbies, and personal health. I don’t think any of the posters here said that they resented their patients for working long
  12. I used to work over 100 hours per week in investment banking. It’s definitely doable, just pure torture and essentially no health/wellbeing or life outside of work. The fact the one has to be away from home and in their work location IS considered work. You can’t relax; you have to be on your game. Also, keep in mind, you PAY for your Masters Degree whereas residents GET PAID. Expectations are different.
  13. Question: If you're at the interview of your top choice program, should you tell the interviewers that they are your number 1 choice?
  14. I’m not sure...but some people did get rejection emails though. So no news is probably still good news!
  15. I think it depends on the program. You’ll have to check each program description individually.
  16. Oh my god, I'm so grateful to post this! I got an invite finally @6:34am EST!! Still 740 spots left. Lots of space!!! I'm rooting for you all and hang in there everyone!!! Best of luck!!!!!!
  17. Ahhh, they have been sending invites since the morning? man, I’m so worried
  18. that’s good to know. I hope they still have spaces left.
  19. I wonder if any OOP CMGs got invites for UBC FM yet?
  20. I think they haven’t reached the N’s yet... So sorry to hear. Hang in there.
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