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  1. Still can't believe I'm posting this but was accepted!!!! had online interview (with panel obviously). Congrats to everyone who even interviewed, I know it doesn't feel like it but after being rejected everywhere preinterview in my last cycle, it really is a huge accomplishment.
  2. From what I understood, it seems like even in "normal times" they use MMI + file review to rank people and then check your panel as a formality (ie. probably just make sure you didn't say anything crazy). At least thats how I read the first half of the second paragraph. so this is essentially the same process as they usually do, they're just cutting out panels for people who they were never going to consider in the first place. Still sucks for sure but at least we will know where we stand earlier
  3. I haven't used it but some prep companies have resources if you google "Kira Talent" and Kira talent also has a website. I'm sure they will modify some aspects of their interviews (ie. no written answers?) but it seems like we will not be interacting with interviewers based on what their website says
  4. MCAT 380 total, with a minimum score achieved in each of the following sections of: BBFLS 126 CPBS 127 CARS 127 from the link posted above!
  5. Regrets GPA: 3.97 CARS: 127 CASPER: felt okay with my answers but got cut off a lot due to timer. Obviously just not enough to offset my CARS score. IP Congrats to those who got an invite!!! Edit: timestamp 9:44AM EST
  6. Also OOP and haven't heard anything! Trying to stay hopeful but based on last years forum sounds like they sent out IP and OOP invites at the same time (could always be different this year). and rejections weren't sent until a while after ....
  7. I didn't get the email with my ID until almost a week after I submitted the section 1! The subject line is something like "section 1 processed"
  8. I took both Biochem 3385 and 3386 last year. I think 3385 is harder but it is pretty interesting, just a lot of material. I got a high 80 with an average amount of studying. 3386 is a bit easier and is also super interesting and I find very useful (I work in a clinical research lab now). I recommend 3386 for sure, 3385 if you are willing to do a bit of extra studying around the test times. Also for the record, I am not in science and even though I have taken a few science courses, 3385 may be easier with your Micro/Imm background!
  9. I had this same issue earlier this week. I called OUAC and was told the same thing, that it should update immediately (my other two did) They advised me to tell my referee to click the link in her email again. All the answers and uploads should still be there. They just need to scroll down to the bottom and hit the "submit" button. Apparently a lot of referees miss this part after the PDF has been uploaded successfully. My referee swore she did this the first time, but as soon as she did it again it updated on my OMSAS account. Hope this helps someone! good luck to all!!
  10. Thank you! This was super helpful I will try not to stress over this anymore (too much haha) Awesome I will keep this in mind as well!
  11. How do we include the numbers for activities in the ABS Statement? The issue I am having is that I am writing about a research experience that involved (1) 8 months volunteer work followed by (2) summer paid employment (3) publication (4) presentation (5) award for presentation I wanted to mention all of these components to cover the "scholar" component of the clusters, but do I have to include the activity number for each? and if the verifier is all the same, do I have to keep putting (1) to show the same verifier? I want it to be clear what I am mentioning, but also don't want so m
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