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  1. Also, I might be over stressing here, but did anyone else's Application Status page change? The top section disappeared and now it just starts with Name and Address? I haven't even submitted all my documents yet, that's why I'm wondering...
  2. Thanks! Finally I called and they told me to send it directly to them, so I did that.
  3. Hi, did any of you guys have trouble uploading your Immunization form? When I try, it says my file is too big.
  4. ah Im so sorry to hear that Better luck next year or elsewhere.
  5. just pour confirmer, tu as reçu le courriel aussi? Je suis vraiment désolé, tout ce processus n'est pas du tout facile.
  6. Oui, il avait le même "feeling" que l'année passée, voir même mieux..
  7. Non malheureusement. Cette personne à déjà faite l'entrevue a quelques reprises et a toujours eu un score au dessus de la moyenne, donc on est vraiment choqués.
  8. Salut, un ami a reçu un refus en raison de score MEM trop bas. Je voulais simplement savoir si d'autres en avait aussi reçu? Si oui, est-ce que vous jugiez que votre performance aux MEM était en dessous de la moyenne ou c'était un choc de recevoir ce courriel? Merci!
  9. Oh thanks, I hadn't seen that even though I did use that search engine (but I think I searched BIOL201 so it didn't pop up for some reason). Are they more flexible for med applications? Because that search engine is used to transfer credits.
  10. Hi, I am a prospective applicant to McGill for 2018-2019. I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding course equivalency between McGill and University of Montreal and between McGill and Athabasca University, through past experience or if they managed to contact the Admissions committee (I’ve been unsuccessful). Here are the courses from Université de Montréal that I would like to verify: -BIO1153 (Biologie cellulaire) = BIOL201(Cell Biology and Metabolism)? -Does CHM1984 (Chimie organique) fulfill the “introductory Organic Chemistry” course in Opt
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