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  1. Hey current student here. I think you should apply, and mention this adversity in your app. There's a section at the end that allows you to describe why you did poorly in your GPA or MCAT. The fact that your GPA has trended up and you did quite well in your last couple of years shows tremendous progress and potential. UofC looks at more than just your cookie-cutter premed students with the perfect GPA and MCAT. The adversity you faced and the impact that it had on you as a person could make you a very empathetic physician. Remember, you can teach medicine to anyone, you can't teach empathy.
  2. Idk where everyone is getting this information that you can't miss that much med school? Why? You have 3 flex days and can miss 10% of Small Groups no questions asked on top of that. In any case, most lectures are podcasted, and you'll just need to put in some extra effort to catch up. It's not ideal, and it'll not be great missing the first few weeks of Course 1, but it's definitely doable. Confirm with UME what exactly it is you will be missing, and then make your decision. PM me if you have questions.
  3. If you're from Calgary, Calgary is a lot cheaper. Our tuition is only ~15k/year, and if you have a place to stay with family, that saves a substantial amount of money. Calgary's winters, while cold, are incredibly sunny. Having the school not be downtown is nice, because you don't have to deal with parking/traffic downtown. I have heard Calgary's anatomy is a bit better, so that might make a difference for pursuing surgical specialties? Unlikely though. Regardless, Calgary has a strong push towards family medicine. It doesn't really matter though... If you're a good medical student, you'l
  4. Hopefully, this will ease some anxiety: 1) It really does not matter at all when your status changes - it's highly dependent on when your file reviewers finish evaluating your application... Don't overthink this. 2) Referees are checked after interview invites are sent out. In fact, I know of several people who had some of their references contacted AFTER they got an acceptance letter. It's a random process for the most part, as far as I understand. 3) Last year, the last interview date was March 3rd (I think), so there's a relatively similar amount of time to "prepare". Realist
  5. Same as other schools, except no summers. Pretty manageable, with most people doing activities outside of medicine on the weekends - just gotta keep up with it during the week.
  6. The only thing that this would hurt would be your 10% global academic score.
  7. Awesome, you’re very helpful! Who’s the right person to contact in Calgary?
  8. While your GPA is on the low end (3.54), it's still not that bad. Remember that GPA is worth 20%, CARS is worth 10% and overall academic score is worth 10%. I see a clear upward trend in your grades, and a diverse set of experiences that would make you competitive for the application process. In fact, if you had great references, a CARS score of 129+, and carefully wrote out your top 10s, I'd say you would have a pretty decent shot at getting in (completely speculative btw, because I do not know the extent of your EC involvement and the IMPACT it had on you). So really, the only part of your a
  9. Yikes, I just introduced myself by my first name at every station.
  10. Of course you have a chance. Your GPA and MCAT CARS only make up 30% of your PRE-interview score. Watch this video for more info: http://vp.ucalgary.ca/images/admissions/Admission2017.mp4 Best of luck, and never think about not applying just because you think that your stats are too low. Have a good mindset, be objective, and eventually you'll get in.
  11. All those that had the option of going to other schools, why did you choose the CSM? Why not a 4 year program at a different school? Why Calgary? Thanks in advance!
  12. THIS. Ultimately, you will not be able to fundamentally change who you are as a person in 1 month. Focus on being yourself, and if you try to play a personality that you're not comfortable with, an interviewer (or anyone for that matter) will be able to spot it. Be confident in who you are, you've made it this far and the sky is the limit from here
  13. So, I accidentally forgot to arrange my courses in the way that they appear on my transcript. However, the first 5 correspond to the first semester, and the latter 5 correspond to the 2nd semester. Will this be a huge problem?
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