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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice! It was very helpful
  2. Hi everyone, I have been applying to different research opportunities but have had no luck with anything. I was hoping any of you who have had no research experiences who got an interview - or anyone in general- could help me with what my next step should be. Especially with the strict requirements I can't help but feel like my application won't live up to others with research experience ANY TIPS WOULD BE GREAT!
  3. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone could please help me/ give me advice on how to get a research position. For the past couple of months i have been applying to different research volunteer positions available at uni, as well as applying to different hospital research volunteer programs. But I'm having no luck, and I've applied to numerous positions! Its getting very discouraging so any tips/advise would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Maybe if you have just one year above 3.7 , redo the MCAT, you have a chance at a conditional offer at western (on the basis of still being enrolled at the time of application) Don't give up! Theres always a way but if you constantly keep thinking of the negatives, that's all you'll see. Even if there's only one way of getting in to med school left, nothing is impossible.
  5. Hi everyone, I had a quick question about hospital volunteering. So i've been volunteering at a hospital for about a year now, in the Diagnostic Imaging department. I have been debating on volunteering in another department, for instance - oncology, or gynecology department- something that is seen as more "medical school related"/ clinical. Do you guys think this is a good move or should i focus my energy elsewhere? *Any other abs tips would be much appreciated!*
  6. I dont think you should focus on what happened in the past because you cant do anything about that now, it'll just give you anxiety for no reason. All that matters is you trying your hardest, also keep in mind that you dont have to rush and apply third year. If your grades are good then great go ahead. But you can apply fourth year as some med schools look at two best years or one year with a conditional offer (western), where they only take in account those years. Good luck!:)
  7. Hi OP, Of course there is always a chance. However i wouldn't bet on it. Like @Distancea said, maybe look at med schools that have a 2 year policy. If you till struggle with that then you could look into westerns conditional policy, with this they actually only look at one year when giving you an interview offer and then look the year you applied for the offer of admission, to make sure you met the cut offs (sorry for the confusion, but definitely take a look at the website!) - and any past years don't impact your application! I understand that this is stressful, but in the end o
  8. I think the more important thing to do right now if not to compare yourself to others you still have a good chance if u do well in 2 years- western, queens and more outside of ontario You still have a chance! Good luck
  9. Hi Infinity101! recently i emailed western and they said that as long as you have 1 year that meets the requirements that all you need at the time of application and 1 year pending. Your previous years do not come into play when applying even if its conditional:) hope this helps! good luck!
  10. Hi everyone, i recently considered going to all saints school of medicine in the Caribbean. I just wanted to know if this would be a good move? Also anyone who has been here, could you please tell me how your experience was?
  11. If you want to be considered for the wgpa for UofT then you shouldn't drop it....however having one bad mark in many 4.0s wont really harm you I think your gpa should be around 3.8 if you get that B! Other than that just work hard and good luck!!
  12. Thank you for your help guys! I truly appreciate it:)
  13. Hi everyone! I really need some real and honest advice as this is really stressing me out. In my first year I had an extremely extremely low gpa (this was actually due to some issues I had- a close family member had passed away and I was dealing with a lot of stuff at an emotional level) however I was able to get a pretty high gpa 3.9 my second year and right now I'm in my third year I'm doing pretty well and will most likely get a 3.9+. I'm studying really hard for my MCAT and will hopefully do really well! But will med schools looking at my 2 year gpa acknowledge the fact tha
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