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  1. Hello all, Unfortunately I can't get the police check in time so according to the website I have to send a letter of declaration. I didn't find that online. Is it just a document that we write outlining that we have a clear record or is there a form somewhere? Much appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I was trying to find information about OSAP but the only stuff I could find was from years ago. I did engineering for undergrad so my tuition was relatively high; OSAP would cover all and give approximately half as grants (I think it was called opportunity grants). Is the same sort of thing applicable to med tuition? Or is it they give enough to cover tuition (+ added expenses) and it's all payable. I know that the government has added a lot of grants and incentives recently (for example, I think there are grants for people under a certain income) but I've been out of unde
  3. How should one enter (if at all) a multi-year, discontinuous extra-curricular/job (e.g. summer employment at the same company for 3 summers or sport seasons that span multiple months but aren't connected from year to year)? Enter it as 3 separate entries from May to September for the three years? Or just enter the most recent? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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