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  1. I’m OOP and just received an offer! Time stamp: 4:44pm. Deadline to accept: June 7. Still in shock and I’ll most likely be accepting the offer. Best of luck to those still on the waitlist!
  2. I’m in the same boat as you. It’s definitely hard not to think about it! Try to keep yourself occupied. Based on last year’s posts, my guess is that there may be two more rounds of offers this Wednesday and Friday and then more next week. Of course this is just speculation. The admissions blog has been awfully quiet this year as well, compared to the past It might be due to their limited staffing and the change in director that’s happening but still wish we could get some update on the numbers...
  3. At least three of mine were contacted last week and they were asked to respond by May 3. So this likely means the verification process is truly random. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon, whether it be the result or an update on release date!
  4. Based on the trends in the last two years, I think they will come out on a Tuesday since we got our interview invites on a Tuesday. So if not April 23, April 30 will likely be the date that the offers are sent out. Or May 7th...
  5. They just sent out an e-mail. Scheduler will be opened tomorrow at 10AM.
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