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  1. All I can say is that basically everyone I have spoken to in person in the last 2 days have not yet heard anything. They are a mix of good and not so good applicants.
  2. Almost everyone I have asked in person is still waiting. Looks like most will be rejected unfortunately
  3. Yes, people have recieved rejections, although the last friend I heard from was around a month ago. Traditionally, there is a massive wave if rejections around this time. According to that update, it will be sometime next week (hopefully early in the week, waiting sucks).
  4. Damn if you are dealing with cancer please try to take it easy and not worry about this. Your health is WAAAY more important than this, and if it doesn't work out this year, one more year won't be the worst thing ever
  5. Please, if you know anyone personally who has gotten an invite after the last reported wave, mention it here
  6. Also in a similar situation. I have a 521 with 127 cars. I would be insane to rewrite for the US but improving that cars to even 128 would open up many more potential schools in canada. If I submit my US app in June but sign up for the mcat late and rewrite in September for Canada, will this effect my US app if I score lower?
  7. Out of your friends that have been rejected, did any of them have high GPAs (3.9+)?
  8. What would you say I'm missing that will limit me from the top tier? More research? Clinical? Or do I just need something that really just stands out?
  9. No idea haha. Probably a mix of loans, grants/scholarships and some help from family
  10. That seems like alot of letters. I thought most schools were 2 science and maybe 1 science plus a personal. Do some schools specifically request PI's?
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