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  1. I would mention them like MDDMD777 said. It would definitely earn you some points.
  2. Some prestigious scholarships are worth mentioning (like FRQS . CIHR or Vanier )
  3. You can mention it, and put ( respectfully declined) . Leaving it empty would make them think that you didn't have any awards.
  4. Hey guys. If you are still interested in creating a prep group PM me.
  5. Bonjour, Je souhaitais reprendre un cours que j'avais réussi au cegep, mais avec justesse, mais l'aide pédagogique ne me laisse pas le reprendre. Est-ce qu'ils ont le droit de me refuser ? Si oui, quelqu'un sait pourquoi?
  6. Hey, Yes Athabasca courses are accepted from what the admission coordinator had told me on the phone.
  7. What matters is that you are full time (doing 12 credits per semester).
  8. So I heard from them today ! It took around 20 days which is not bad. And they were able to substitute all of my courses from option II as well as organic chemistry from option I
  9. I checked there too, but couldn't find an equivalency to my courses. I applied for a substitution for some courses I did during my undergrad for the option II pre-requisites. Does anyone know how long it will take aprox for the evaluation knowing that I submitted it 2 days after the opening date ( June the 1st ) ?
  10. Thank you, I was refused post-interview. My ranking for the science pre-requisits portion indicates clearly that they chose to evaluate me upon option1 GPA rather than option II. It can only mean that I didn't fulfill the courses criteria for option II. @SunAndMoon So from what I understood on their website is that they choose the option with the highest GPA. ( although you must fulfill their criteria) Sadly I tried to communicate with them via e-mail and I got no answer. And on their website it's written " The Office of Admissions is not able to assess your courses prior to y
  11. Hey guys, I saw that the Biochemistry I is equivalent to cell biology and metabolism that is required in the option 2 for science pre-requisits. https://www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/studentinfo/undergrads/course-equivalencies . Do you guys know if I can use my biochem I (3cr) or II (4cr) to substitute that course ? Also, I did an organic chemistry course during my undergrad, which is only 2 credits. Should I retake a 3 credits course or can I use my 2 credits course for my application ? I'm uncertain on wether I should to retake some of my cegep classes (My GPA is very low), or w
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