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  1. On their website: We anticipate having admission decisions completed the week of April 23, 2018. Best of luck! Maybe this is to make up for releasing their interview decisions so late EDIT: Nevermind, I think this message is just saying they'll complete their decisions by next week, not that we'll have the results next week.
  2. How did everybody feel about the MMI? They were a lot more challenging than I thought they'd be, and I feel like it was my worst MMI this cycle . Given that 80% of the 700 or so students are offered interviews, and the generous enrollment size of ~220, this equates to about a 50% chance of admission, so I am not so worried.
  3. From the FAQ on the official admissions website: "We assess several factors, which may change in priority from year to year depending on the committee. Generally we take into account last 2 years of a full load of courses, attainment in the specified preprofessional courses (with a special focus on those we know to correlate with performance in pharmacy; cell biology and biochemistry have recently been identified as falling under that category), and how the applicant did when they took a full load of coursework (defined as 30 ucw in a consecutive Fall-Winter academic session). Students wh
  4. Thank you. I put in a request to defend June 18th instead of June 28th. I hope the 10 days will give me enough time to submit my paperwork and revise.
  5. Hey all, Im wondering if this issue is worth speaking to my Graduate supervisor and the Admissions commitee about. Some insights from graduate students who have matriculated to the MD program in prior years would be greatly appreciated. As it stands, my defense is set for June 28. The final date to complete all graduate requirements for the MD program is June 30th. However, there is the real possibility that revisions will delay the day i actually complete my Thesis. Am I in trouble here? I was thinking to re-schedule my defense a couple weeks earlier, which would give me time t
  6. The FAQs on the Admissions website says that they have "not yet determined how selection criteria will be weighted" and that if they choose to release this information, it would be made public on the website. Id like to know, but really it wouldnt change how I would approach the admissions process tbh.
  7. I emailed the Admissions Comittee out of concern that one of my verifiers who is out of country may not be able to verify. They told me that verifiers had not yet been contacted, and that they would notify us if they have trouble contacting a verifier.
  8. My app status changed recently to "Awaiting a Final Admissions Decision" . I'm wondering if anybody else's changed as well.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome. Living in Edmonton will make literally anywhere else seem like an awesome place to be.
  10. This is no longer necessarily the case, as they've recently changed the weighting criteria in the past couple of years.
  11. Yes, you guys are really quiet! I'm excited for this next chapter in my life and nobody seems to be sharing the enthusiasm lol. I'll be flying in from Alberta, but I requested an interview date for this weekend. I've had my MMI practice through 2 school interviews, so I'm good, but if anybody else is interested please post here!
  12. Im a fourth time applicant, and in my opinion this year's questions were a lot more straightforward and all around the most fair. This could be due to my experience with MMIs and interviews at this point, however. Nothing you can do now: just celebrate that the looming dread of preparing for interviews has passed.
  13. All I will say is that it was an enjoyable interview day, even though I was running on 1 hour of sleep
  14. Good luck to everyone on their interviews this weekend!
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