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  1. Now that I think about it, I think I fell for like 3 "traps" throughout it all it that had led my responses astray. I got sent to the shadow realm LOL.
  2. I guess we really can't gauge our own performances. Perhaps i'm overtly critical of my own performance because of later over-thinking things like what I should have said in the moment/mentioned that certain thing, if I talked too fast or appeared nervous etc. At the end of the day though, theres a difference between having some time to collect your thoughts and really think about something (conveying your best self) and the nature of the MMI where you're launched into a prompt and have a couple of moments to begin talking, leading you to potentially come across as confused, non-genuine, a
  3. Haha I think I botched the entire thing. Without revealing anything (be mindful of NDA), it wasn't anything I could have prepared for.
  4. IP here, got off the waitlist a couple of days ago and have an MMI date. Scrambling to prep for it now.
  5. Still on waitlist here. Would like to know if any movement occurred as well.
  6. Does the waitlist for interview typically move much? Can't tell if a decision pending is basically just a refusal seeing as I don't see why everyone wouldn't attend their interviews (seeing as they are virtual this app cycle).
  7. TIME STAMP: Checked in Minerva 11:40AM Result: Reviewed - Decision Pending (Waitlisted for Interview) GPA: 3.99 MCAT:N/A ECs (CV): boxing ,music and coaching. (pretty bad overall since no volunteering or research). Year: 4th year of undergrad Feelings about Casper: Didn't answer like 1/4 of the boxes, feel like I completely bombed it. Applicant category: QC applicant Honestly, I'm very happy that I was waitlisted as opposed to refused given my CA$Per and EC's.
  8. The application cycle is going to be interesting for sure. What is going to be the breakdown for pre-interview and post-interview (acceptance/reject) now that pre-req GPA is a thing of the past?
  9. At my school (Concordia University), the latest I've ever received a final grade was by around May 19th... So it is looking promising.
  10. This is a game changer. Applying to McGill IP now that they extended the deadline for a pre-req in progress (Jan 15 scrapped in favor of late May). Amazing.
  11. Greetings fellow Concordia student haha. That EC notation is obnoxious, the physics courses I took online were just as grueling/valid as pretending to show up to those godawful lectures offered in person. No idea why uOttawa has this arbitrary stupid rule, online classes with in-person exams are literally identical to in-person courses. utter bs.... /rant
  12. I know we must take a full year of physics to meet the requirements for most medical schools in North America, however, I am uncertain of what specifically would satisfy the 2nd part of this requirement at my university. I am currently at Concordia and taking a class called "PHYS204: Mechanics" which is all about newtons laws, forces, energy/momentum etc, which obviously satisfies the prerequisite for what people typically call "Physics 1". However, when it comes to "Physics 2", do I absolutely need to take a physics course that involves Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 205 at my school) to sat
  13. I just finished my first year with a perfect GPA, but am worried that I screwed up my app since in both the Fall and Winter semesters I had only taken 12 credits (4 courses each semester). If I complete the remainder of my undergrad with 5 courses each semester and make up for the missed credits in the summer session next year, will I be alright when it comes time to apply? (I am not currently taking any summer courses since I am travelling soon.)
  14. Thank you for the advice! However, I am looking to apply to US MD and DO schools as well, and I was told that Prerequisites done in CEGEP are not evaluated by AMCAS or something.. What does this mean? Can I finish Physics 1-2 and Biology 2 at a Cegep like Vanier/Dawson and then still apply across Canada and the U.S?
  15. My Major is actually Film Studies, I'm doing all the pre requisites as electives. I just finished the Math Sequence (Finished up Calculus) and am looking to finish Chemistry and Biology Sequence my second year, with the Physics and Organic (Semester of Biochem) during my Last Year.
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