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  1. I feel incredibly lucky that I made it to the interview stage this cycle. My CV got incredibly buffed over the last year so I'm very optimistic that app #2 will be the one, I just need one more shot at the MMI . Thank you for your kind words.
  2. Just got my refusal letter today despite holding onto slim hope of another wave of intense waitlist movement as seen from last cycle. Heres hoping I make interview stage again next cycle. I'm a little frustrated that they got rid of science GPA weighing out of nowhere. Wish I could go back in time and chill a bit more about hitting A's in some sciences and go to some parties and concerts that I skipped to study LOL. Good luck next cycle to those who didn't make this time around. We will make it one day
  3. Thank you for your response, I figured that COVID W's were ideally not going to raise flags compared to how a pattern of multiple normal semester W's would; as the former shouldn't. Luckily my GPA doesn't require any weighing formulas or anything to be competitive. I stand at a 4 without any dropped semesters so the W's do not affect that. However, my main concern is whether or not I should go out of my way to explain these W's on an application given that they aren't merely just Covid related instead of waiting for them to be brought up in say an interview or instead of getting a
  4. I've accumulated up to 3 W's now on my transcript because of an accident (had my first Covid W because of this last semester), on top of struggling with online learning (various problems such as poor internet disconnecting me from zoom lectures, losing 50 minutes on an exam because a proctoring software wouldn't work, lack of resources such as proper office hours or tutoring, etc.) and so I'm basically withdrawing for the overall sake of my own health and because of how catastrophic online school is, even at part time. I have been a straight A student (4 GPA) for 6 semesters up until COVI
  5. To me 19 hours ago, you legit cursed yourself you dummy. I am officially Waitlisted . Congrats to everyone that got Admitted straight up!
  6. I'm only truly overwhelmingly stressed about the possibility of getting an uncertain Waitlist. I'll be content with either a flat out R or A, anything in between and I'm stuck in limbo in my mistake of a semester.
  7. TIME STAMP: 13:00 Result: Waitlisted (Very High, Might as well be a hard rejection) MCAT: not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I got annihilated. Stuttered, rambled, got confused at majority of stations. RIP 100% MMI weight. Year: Final Year Undergrad (3 Year Bachelors, + extra year part-time to finish PRE-REQ's during Covid) IP/OOP/International: IP GPA: 4.0 First time applying and only to this school. Didn't expect to get this far and honestly am not disappointed whatsoever. Congrats everyone!
  8. I urge you to stay AWAY from PHYS 205 at Concordia if you can, even if it delays you. The calculus used in this course is absurd and every example used on exams/assignments that aren't insane derivations are nonetheless the hardcore versions of what you would see in a cegep or algebra-based E&M course. This course was built as a weed out for Engineering students.
  9. If you haven't already taken it, I please urge you to take the physics at Dawson or any other cegep or even any other university that offers Algebra-based physics. PHYS 205 at Concordia is a nightmare right now.
  10. Honestly I see why the virtual interviews are being cancelled after reading the botched interviews from McMaster on **DELETED**. McGill MMI was done fairly well I think in retrospect compared to what I read for other schools in Canada and so I don't think they should be thrown out. But I nonetheless do see it happening with how crazy everything has been in the past year.
  11. Now that I think about it, I think I fell for like 3 "traps" throughout it all it that had led my responses astray. I got sent to the shadow realm LOL.
  12. I guess we really can't gauge our own performances. Perhaps i'm overtly critical of my own performance because of later over-thinking things like what I should have said in the moment/mentioned that certain thing, if I talked too fast or appeared nervous etc. At the end of the day though, theres a difference between having some time to collect your thoughts and really think about something (conveying your best self) and the nature of the MMI where you're launched into a prompt and have a couple of moments to begin talking, leading you to potentially come across as confused, non-genuine, a
  13. Haha I think I botched the entire thing. Without revealing anything (be mindful of NDA), it wasn't anything I could have prepared for.
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