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  1. Declined spot at WRC in favour of Western - best of luck to everyone on the wait list!! I hope somebody gets the good news for this spot soon :)
  2. Oops.. looks like in my excitement I completely messed up the date. It actually states June 1st in the letter as the deadline date.
  3. Just got the offer email! The weekend has never felt so long.. I just took a quick glance at it, and it looks like the tuition deposit is due in 2 days (June 30th)??? Even though we have until next week to accept? Correction - deposit due June 1st
  4. Accepted to Waterloo regional campus off of the waitlist!! :O
  5. Maybe they're holding on to most of the WL offers until next week, to better match up with other schools?? I assume the largest opening of spots will happen next week after the May 22 deadline for first offers anyways, maybe more efficient to lump everything together.
  6. I don't think there's a good way to know how many students are on the waitlist this year. If you're looking at more historical data of offers vs. acceptances, it may be useful to look at this post. I guess the only way to know approximately how many students were on each (good/reg/bad) waitlist for prior years would be to ask the current students of schulich med...
  7. Looks like the Mac waitlist is already starting to move!? Based on past years, it seems like those of us on the WL for Western will have to wait until the 22 before we might start to hear news though : (
  8. Does western have a high/normal/low waitlist system or just high/normal ?
  9. From past/current year threads it looks like that is indeed the case
  10. From what I know there seems to be mentions of a "good" and "regular" waitlist in the accepted/rejected/waitlisted thread. Seems like it depends on what comes after this sentence in your waitlist email: "Although you were not ranked to receive an offer at this time, it was recommended that your name be placed on our Wait List. Any offer that is not accepted will be filled by an individual from the Wait List." [some mention of whether or not applicants at your rank received offers in recent years?] I'm not sure personally whether or not there is a high/normal/low or just high/normal
  11. I guess I'll kick this thread off: As an OOP student, I didn't really have a strong preference between the Ontario schools I interviewed at. While I had very positive experiences with students/staff at every interview weekend, Western really stood out to me. From the balloon arches and incredibly enthusiastic welcome to the casual, down to earth way we were shown around the campus, the community seemed to be so driven and so vibrant. From what we were told, the curriculum structure also sounded really cool! I was really hoping to receive an offer, but have been placed on the "high"
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