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  1. Looking for a buddy or two to cram some casper prep throughout the weekend Please message in interested.
  2. Looking for a buddy or two to cram some casper prep throughout the weekend Please message in interested.
  3. Did you provide email of verifiers? There isn't a spot on the ABS for their emails, did you put it under comments
  4. I thought it was always used for red flags. For example, if one of your references write "Radio Guy is terrible, not equipped for med school, hard pass". Then that would be a red flag. I think its not feasible for them to individually read each letter and score it. Maybe the confidential assessment form means something since its a tad less subjective, but who knows.
  5. To clarify, so for this cycle, we won't be penalized if recommendation letters are not submitted by the Oct 1st deadline
  6. Last year letters of recommendation could be submitted by Dec 1st, is it still the case this year?
  7. ohh I didn't know they were bound to secrecy or that med students could even serve on admissions lol. hmm guess it depends on the school..Mac is very transparent about what it takes to get an interview. I read a lot of posts last year when I applied that it was a 1/3 breakdown but this year no one is really talking about the ABS so I thought maybe it isn't scored/factored. Who knows.
  8. Does anyone have any insights on what UOttawa looks at for interview invite? Is it 1/3 GPA 1/3 Capser and 1/3ABS? Also, do they contact verifiers pre or post interview? Is it common for verifiers to be contacted? Thanks
  9. Fingers crossed. McMaster is my absolute dream. I wrote casper last year and it killed me lol. It wasn't "hard" but I was so overwhelmed with the time-limit. I'm going to try to improve my typing speed and make sure its quality over quantity.
  10. I'm super confused about the transcript section. I went to an Ontario University. Do I just have to complete the transcript request part? And submit my app before Oct. 1st and I'm good?
  11. 3.76 GPA (w/ significant upward trend but I don't think it matters) 130 CARS
  12. lol I guess I'll be the first reject...... Invite/Rejection: reject Time Stamp: 6:47 Location: IP Stream: english wGPA: 3.93 Current year: 1 year post-op ECs: I thought pretty decent, really varied, a lot of awards and case competitions Casper: I answered everything, but not well I don't think ...put all my eggs in Ottawa since I haven't attempted the MCAT yet so I'm a bit gutted, but maybe this worked out for the best, who knows
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