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  1. woops, I meant optho* Fair point about differences in quality of medical education (although I'd definitely argue there are tiers in the Canadian system, just not as extreme). However, I still feel it's so much more who you know rather than what you know here in Canada compared to America, as far as residency goes anyway.
  2. Seems our friends across the border go about matching in a much more standardized manner. No one likes tests but if you have major examinations that are standardized across the country, it would be the most fair and effective way of determining residency eligibility. As far as I know (just an incoming MS1 so please correct me if I'm wrong), there isn't a STEP 1/2 equivalent in Canada (or at least Ontario). Speaking anecdotally, I know quite a few people whose parents or relatives have lead to them matching into derm or optho; people which by no means are exceptional or top of their class (actu
  3. You said US is an equally reasonable option to Ireland and other IMG routes, USMD are essentially considered CMG for matching purposes. You could have argued about USDO but with the upcoming merger I suspect USDO will have higher footing than IMG. As it currently stands, they are equivalent for CARMS, sure.
  4. This is factually incorrect. You should be ashamed for even making the post. For Canadian matching purposes CANMD > USMD >> USDO >>>> other international options
  5. What percent of medical students fail or drop out at your institution?
  6. A lot of american schools seem to offer that information but as an incoming MS1 I'm finding it hard to find specifics regarding Canadian schools. If someone has that particular information, I would LOVE to know Western's and Mac's 2018 match list. Thanks in advance!
  7. Six interviews is a feat in of itself, congratulations! Are you opposed to applying to American schools? I only ask because they typically have very high post II rates and some schools even view interviews as a formality more so than another form of evaluation. Compare that to Canada where the interview is basically everything. Anyway, regarding interview advice I found it extremely helpful to practice with current medical students, especially if they have prior experience with interviewing medical hopefuls.
  8. Definitely biased but at my school it feels like 95% of SWOMEN got in so I'm interested to see the numbers haha. Kinda bitter I went 4/4 on Ontario schools but I won't get a chance to apply to Western due to being a 3rd year oh well
  9. And prison is just a room jokes aside, thank you everyone else for the reassurance. 99% of me knew there wouldn't/shouldn't be an issue but sometimes neuroticism takes over, ya feel?
  10. Do you know if the admissions committee, upon knowing my age, would expect more or less of me?
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