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  1. Hello all, As some of you may know I created a free webapp called MDbuddy.ca, which is an accurate cGPA/wGPA calculator for all Canadian medical schools. To access the calculator go on MDbuddy.ca, create an account, update your profile, upload your courses, press calculate! If you've recently been confused trying to calculate your GPA for all Canadian medical schools, this is the website for you. Some of the features of this free webapp include: cGPA/ WGPA calculation (includes PASS/FAIL and summer courses within the calculation). Also includes tips on how to calculate you
  2. MDbuddy.ca has recently been updated with all the correct information! Give it a try. I hope it helps answer your questions.
  3. Hello all, after receiving feedback from many of you, I have decided to revamp the MDbuddy webapp. MDbuddy webapp link Mdbuddy phone app link What can MDbuddy 2.0 do? Calculate cGPA and all wGPAs for medical schools in Canada. Provide an analysis for MCAT scores AAMC full length scores. This analysis might show you what your real MCAT score might be compared to the AAMC practice FL. Provides list of requirements for each medical school in canada such as: minimum GPA, minimum MCAT and CASPER. What is new about MDbuddy 2.0? Dynamic database that updates
  4. Added to the FAQ I will add a pass or fail mechanism soon, in the meanwhile just use (A+, F) or (100,0). Thanks
  5. Do you need to take CPR before you apply to Med-school, or is it only necessary to take it once you've been accepted? Also does anyone know if either McMaster or Queens need for you to take a CPR course and which type (C or hCP)?
  6. It turned out the fix was actually super easy. Just changed check-boxes to drop-down-lists. Thanks for the new information, now the website is compatible with all weightings. PLEASE IGNORE THE POSTS ABOVE, THE WEIGHTINGS ARE NOW FIXED, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DOUBLE SELECT A COURSE ANYMORE, hopefully... rMorlen Id appreciate if you remove the picture from your quote, so that we don't confuse people any further. Thanks If any of you experience bugs with the new weighting system please let me know ASAP
  7. Well, I'm sorry as I did not know that Waterloo does that, I assumed each university was like my own. MDbuddy counts all courses as 0.5 by default, and 1.0 when checked. As I do NOT have a 0.25 weighting feature implemented on the app so far (more work than you'd think, as I'd have to redo the entire framework). _______________ EDIT: Check the post below! Its fixed. Solution was actually really easy.
  8. Thank you Mr. Clever-y-Guy! Well, I never really 'fixed' your problem, but if you want to add summer courses, check the FAQ, I have listed a set of instructions on how to do so!
  9. For Ottawa specifically, you put in your LETTER GRADE {A+, A, A-, B+, B.....,F}. You DO NOT need to type in the GPA as that's what the program does for you! Also do not add spaces or quotation marks to the letters. If you are having bugs with the website in general go back to the main page and start over, that usually fixes things (sometimes the server doesn't send data, something I don't have control over). As for the fact that alpha values give wrong results. I checked the code, and I don't see the problem. I used data from OSMAS . But hey I could be wrong, so can
  10. Hello I've been working on an app/webapp this past year. Basically it calculates your GPA and wGPA. This is most useful for those who are thinking of applying to med school in the future and are unsure where they stand! IT IS A 100% FREE/AD FREE/ EMAIL FREE SERVICE! What is MD Buddy? MD Buddy is a webapp designed to aid Canadian students on their journey to become M.Ds! Some of the features provided by MD buddy include: Provides/displays its results in both chart and graph form, to provide users with a visual representation of where they stand, compa
  11. So im planning on taking casper but only America, Australia and New Zealand are options. Which one do I pick?
  12. So I obviously need 3 letters of recommendation to apply to medschool. So far I have 2, one from a doctor I volunteered with and another from a University professor (PHD). However for my 3rd letter I am debating if I should ask on of my computer science professor who is a Student teacher/professor who is still working on his PHD. So my question is, is he a suitable person to ask for a letter of recommendation from, or should I ask another Professor with a PHD for a letter? Im asking this as people are telling me you need 1 letter from a non-academic area, and 2 letters from Universit
  13. I am currently a 2nd year student looking to apply to med-school at 3rd year. However I'm concerned about what I should be doing from now to 3rd year to be able to make this possible. I am looking to apply to: UofT, McMaster, Ottowa and Queens. Post 2nd year summer break: Write MCAT CASPer Write Essays Get letters of recommendation (3)? Practice for Interview? More EC and Research During 3rd year??: Apply to Med-Schools? Go to interviews? (At what months does this exactly happen and do ANY of the things I mentioned above happen???)
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