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  1. Hi guys, One of the required documents to submit by May 25 is Proof of granting of a baccalaureate degree. Is there a specific document they are asking for?
  2. Thanks for the clarification. It seems that it's getting harder to practice for these...which I assume is their goal.
  3. What do they mean by task-based stations? What sort of things are they looking for?
  4. I understand that interview dates are full but does anyone know if they open up at all later. I kinda want to change my interview date.
  5. So....I guess that means they will come out on the 22nd? ....
  6. So.... does anyone have a guess at what day they think interview invites will come out?
  7. Does anyone, from experience, have an idea when interview invites are coming out? I need to plan a potential trip much in advance :(.
  8. Guys, what happens if your verifier doesn't respond by the December 15 deadline and you didn't list a secondary verifier? Do they let us know?? Freaking out a little.
  9. Yeah, thats exactly how I feel. It was quite difficult. After writing it, I've been feeling pretty discouraged. Not sure how much it matters for some of the schools like Ottawa or U of A.
  10. So, I think that was the last date for the Casper test for Canadian med. How did everyone find it?
  11. I think at this point, you should not be concerned if you come off as being annoying to him. This is your career at stake. So, I suggest you contact him once again, and let him know the deadline is tomorrow evening.
  12. are verifiers being contacted for everyone already? or just the early deadline ones?
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