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  1. Hey guys, I am aware that McMaster offers a 1% bonus to students who have completed a masters. In order to get this bonus, when does your degree have to be finished? I've been circling the website for ages and cannot find the answer. I won't be finishing my coursework until the end of July Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Long story short- I am in the first year of my masters and am pretty miserable. I am doing this degree as a backup in case I never get into med school. I can stick it out... 2 years and I'm free. My concern is grades. I am earring mostly 70s in this program. My cGPA (undergrad) is 3.83 with a strong upward trend (90s in years 3 and 4). Is there any chance that McMaster will view my crap graduate marks? How anyone ever had an adcom ask them questions about why they didn't do well in a masters program? Aren't masters programs supposed to be.. easier? I'm wording that I'
  3. Hey guys, When I applied to graduate programs through ORPAS last year, students were not required to upload individual grades (like OMSAS now). However, ORPAS did upload every single grade after receiving their transcript. I was able to locate an error because of this. My question is: Will OMSAS also upload each grade so that students can see what GPA was calculated for them?
  4. Thank-you!! I honestly thought CARS would be the death of me for awhile lol..
  5. The biggest mistake I made was taking notes when reading passages. This cut down the time I could spend with the questions big time. My decision to read & mentally reflect on the passages was a complete game changer for me. If you are struggling with cars, my biggest piece of advice would be to try different methods and see which works best for you (highlighting / note taking / summarizing what you gained from each paragraph in your head, etc). For some people, writing 2 or 3 words after each paragraph is key.. but definitely not me lol. I regret using KAPLAN's strategy and personally wish
  6. Ok thanks. Sounds like my 122 will have no impact, which is a relief!
  7. Hey guys, I was not planning on applying to McMaster until I received a 128 on CARS (second MCAT attempt). My previous score is 122. Is there a change that McMaster will see this? I am worried that this awful CARS score will impact how my overall application is viewed / it will somehow hurt me.. or will the definitely only look at my most recent CARS score? Thankyou
  8. I am in London. For various reasons I am unable to go elsewhere. I am still wondering if I should hold off and keep my fingers crossed that someone gives up an August spot
  9. If you were me, would you wait and hope for an August spot (the more ideal option for various reasons)... or book a late September spot right now?
  10. Hey guys, I am in need of advice. I was just about to book my exam for the end of August. I have a strict study schedule and I will not be ready before mid-August. I feel like a huge idiot- all the spots are already filled in my area. I thought I was booking far enough in advance. For various reasons I am unable to travel to an exam centre out of town. If I write at the end of September, what is the likelihood of my evaluation being ready by October 1st (in time for me to submit my apps)? What do you think is the likelihood of someone switching their exam date closer to the tim
  11. Is it true that it is easier to get a 4.0 in the US? Will adcoms recognize this, or is a 4.0 simply a 4.0?
  12. Thank-you, that helps a lot. I always had 5 final exams per term during my undergrad, and they usually took place in 6-7 days. These exams came after weeks of writing research papers, so by exam time I was wiped. I found this to be very difficult and stressful, and I am concerned that medical school will follow this routine... of course, I was always trying to earn 85+ throughout my undergrad, and I think this added to my stress. But I am still concerned that med school will involve such hectic study periods. Makes me worried that I will not be able to keep up with the med school pace.
  13. A few questions for anyone who is currently studying at McMaster. Could you please tell me: (1) How many exams you have per term, and are they always in blocks (i.e 4+ exams in 1 week) (2) Do you have assignments as well? (3) I assume the primary method of evaluation is multiple choice exams, is that correct? (4) Is it true that once you are in, it is difficult to fail? Thank-you so much!
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