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  1. Oh 100%. My confidence about it keeps fluctuating wildly...one minute I’m like “okay maybe I have a chance” and then the next minute I’m having major imposter syndrome, start listing reasons why it will be a no blah blah blah
  2. Ooooof my Apple Watch doesn’t even know what to do anymore
  3. Your profile pic has me laughing alongside my anxiety
  4. IP Invite (NB), Timestamp 2:09PM ADT MCAT: 504 GPA: undergrad 3.7, master's 4.0
  5. just received invite at 12:48 ADT, NB application (IP), MCAT: 504, GPA: Undergrad 3.7, master's 4.0
  6. omg too real...I took my apple watch off so I couldn't watch my heart rate
  7. This is very helpful! I'm going to make sure to keep your experience in mind. Thanks for giving me some perspective.
  8. Thanks for the response! It's really motivating to hear that you persevered and that it can be done with proper planning and support. I struggle with disclosure as well and as with most things, I hope good judgment will help me navigate when/where/with whom disclosure is appropriate.
  9. Hi guys! I'll be applying to multiple schools for the 2018/2019 cycle and I'm trying to remain optimistic, but occasionally I return to negative thoughts about applying as someone living with chronic illness. I manage it quite well but I won't lie and say there are no tough days. On one hand, I see the potential for representation and advocacy should I be successful; however, I often wonder about the kinds of hurdles I'd be facing. Has anyone been in this position? What has it been like for you?
  10. True. I suppose I meant non-trad in the sense that I took a gap year after my undergrad and then began graduate studies. I think I've been listening to too many American pre-med podcasts, where anyone who doesn't enter med school after applying in their 3rd year of undergrad is considered non-trad haha.
  11. Hey! You can take it through this website http://www.mockcasper.ca/practice-exams/ . Their turnaround time is 72 hours. It's $100 for one complete test with feedback, so at the top end of your budget. Might be worth it for the quick turnaround, though, depending on your interview date.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm applying for the 2018/2019 cycle and MUN is my top choice. I'm 24, have NB residency, but am in NS to complete my master's (should complete around December). Most people I know in med school went to Dalhousie so I haven't heard much about what it's like applying/interviewing at MUN, especially as someone with a non-traditional route. I'm looking to connect with non-traditional students who have been accepted. What was your trajectory towards medicine? How do you think your non-traditional journey to med school played into your experience applying, but especially interv
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