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  1. I also practiced with Solonly to prepare for my MMI. Being a first time applicant who had no prior experience with MMI, I found his sessions were very helpful. He took time to get to know me and this helped me to related personal examples into my responses. He explained the thought process for each question and asks behind the prompts. I felt much prepared after a few sessions with him. So I would recommend him to others.
  2. TIME STAMP: 1:54 PM (December 6th) Interview Invite or Regrets: MD/PhD Invite! Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): ~87% MCAT: 509 ECs: Lots of research experience (2 NSERC summers, 1 NSERC-CGS, NSF award), 5 publications (not 1st author tho), 2 posters w/ award), presidents for two student clubs, exec for 3 other organizations, volunteer overseas for one summer to support undeserved population, co-founder for a tech startup, some volunteering/shadowing, hobbies (marathon runner, etc), some high school activities (waitress, tutoring, school band, etc) Current Degree: Gradu
  3. Being an OOP applicant and decided to apply MD/PhD from regular MD kinda last minute, I did not get a chance to reach out to supervisors individually prior to application submission. I basically went over the UBC website and proposed a few projects/PIs that I am interested. However, I do think reaching out earlier should be beneficial (esp if you are IP). First time applicant here, so if anyone has more information, please share!!! Thanks
  4. Just got a personal email on the MD/PhD invite!!! Super hyped! Nothing updated in OAS yet. Maybe MD/PhD II is a separate process. Interview Date 2/4-2/5~
  5. This is my first applying UBC... From the previous years' post, I think we will receive the invite/reject around the same time as regular MD, but the sample size is really small for MD/PhD applicants. Being an OOP applicant, I was scared to keep my hope too high... fingers crossed!!! Best luck to you too!
  6. Any MD/PhD applicant here? If so, have you guys heard anything yet?
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