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  1. Last March was a great entry point for this strategy, however at current valuations I would wait for a near term pull back. I reported my TFSA amount to OSAP and as far as I'm aware my funding did not change significantly. (not investment advice)
  2. dollar cost average into the index funds, but downside outweighs upside at the moment.
  3. whatever you do, do not live in sandwich lol
  4. You’re so right bro! Have fun settling
  5. women are on average more attractive than men, so naw man never settle for someone "less desirable" its also less about looks and more about confidence
  6. Lmfao chill... I’ve see 1st yr residents not able to function without asking their senior. To say a NP is less competent than a 4th year med student is just straight up disrespek
  7. I had a 128 and didn’t think I would meet the cutoff last year, so I wrote mine in 45min and sent it in lol worked out fine
  8. Yes, I agree that NPs should not replace family docs and they are providing care from a nursing model rather than a medical model. I agree with everything you have mentioned lol. I was taking issue with the devaluing of NP's education and experience as just a "1-2 year of Master in Nursing".
  9. I agree with your point on differentiating the roles of NP and GPs, but let's not minimize the education and experience of NPs. NPs will have a 4 year BSCN, 2 years of full time practice as a RN and 2 years of graduate schooling resulting in a masters in nursing and a NP graduate diploma. That's a minimum of 8 years to become a NP in Canada, arguably more time spent in healthcare than a new grad GP If you want to just compare time. Only recently, NPs have received a much needed pay bump. I don't think GPs are getting overpaid, but rather NPs are underpaid as healthcare providers.
  10. Makes no sense to maintain it. I'm letting my nursing license and real estate license expire lol
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