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  1. Why this Friday though? Wouldn't it be some time next week to have ~ 2 weeks to prep for March 7th interview?
  2. Congrats! Would it be possible to share your MCAT score to get an idea of this cycle's pool please?
  3. For sure! I am in a research-based MSc program but it's turned out to go beyond the usual 2 year average time frame. So I would have been in my last year (and again this year). And you?
  4. Hey! Thank you so much for your response :)! It is really nice to hear about other people's similar experiences, especially this year when a lot of us are alienated from others! I have tried applying with my first degree marks but haven't been successful to getting interviews yet. I'm hoping for this year but I am trying to stay focused on getting that >3.9 GPA. I guess I will evaluate after this semester. I wish you the best of luck!
  5. Hi All, Quick question. I am a graduate stream applicant and I received an e-mail this morning about the MD program contacting my graduate verifier. I remember this happening last year for other graduate applicants, but I didn't receive this last year and didn't get interviewed either. I was curious/wondering if others who received this e-mail last year got interviewed or if it is just completely random? Thanks!
  6. I'm in a similar boat (first year of second degree and doing well). I'm struggling to decide if to complete the second year of this degree next September (equivalent of 4th year honours program) or graduate with the equivalent of a 3-year BSc. Could anyone shed some light if they have experience with a second degree and getting into med? My last two years of my first undergrad were decent (3.93 and 3.77) and I've also done an MSc... so I am at a crossroad! The financial burden is rough! Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. Anyone see those steps 3a, 3b? I don't and I haven't received anything yet. Just curious!
  8. SAME Good luck friends, it's been great going through this with you! Fingers crossed.
  9. Nope! Anyone want to give e-mail another try this week?
  10. I agree with everyone in the comments directly above! It's been really helpful, especially if you're in a COVID hot spot like me (e.g. Downtown Toronto) and even going for a walk to blow off some steam is not particularly recommended at this moment! No shame and hopefully we can keep providing this virtual community of support to those who feel they need it!
  11. Fingers crossed. I stayed up really late working so I could purposely sleep in to avoid some the nerves/constant email checking in the morning...
  12. Thanks! Good luck to everyone! This forum has honestly been therapeutic for me.
  13. May I ask how you know (I'm scared to get my hopes up haha).
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