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  1. 3.95 GPA and a 128 CARS? I'd say your chances of getting an interview are very good if you do average or better on CASPer!
  2. Honestly, the key is to get lots of practice. These companies charge too much and most are sketchy and dishonest. For example, look at Astroff or Bemo, the founders have NOTHING to do with medicine (one is lawyer, the other is a lab rat) yet, they keep referring to themselves as Drs, just because they have a doctorate degree. I did CASPer last year without any practice, didn't get an interview. This year, I paid for a few practice tests and to my amazement the questions on those tests were almost identical to my actual test last year. I'm not expecting to get the same questions agai
  3. I wish all these prep companies would stop spamming this forum. @med56893 I reported you for soliciting me in PM about MDconsultants. I would never use any company that stoops so low to gain business!
  4. I wonder how many people don't know this? lol anyone know how much CASPer is worth at UofA this year?
  5. Feel free to private me if you want to know the name as I don't think feel comfortable posting in public.
  6. I should clarify this was only true for Alberta. At the other schools, you had to write CASPer pre interview.
  7. you only have 250 words! why bother with signing your name or even adding your address to the response. If i was assessing an essay those would be distracting.
  8. Get your hand on some good practice tests. I wrote CASPer last year without any practice tests and did not get an interview. This year, I've done a few practice tests and to my surprise, the questions were almost identical to what I had last year!
  9. I'm interested too! please let me know
  10. I did Casper last year and unfortunately did not receive an interview. This year I'm doing things differently and spending more time with practice tests. Some of the practice Casper tests I've done have been almost identical to my actual Casper test last year. Definitely work to increase your typing speed. However, I now know why there are people who get interviews at Mac despite having lower GPAs and CARS scores !!
  11. Interested and not to play devil's advocate but why do you think it didn't work out last year since you're rewriting? Here's hoping the second time is a charm!
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