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  1. Sure, to start sorry for my english since it's my third language ABS: not a whole lot of work experience 3 - 4 jobs/ research : 1 pub and some extra stuff for undergrads/ volunteering : very diverse, psychiatric hospital for 3 years, community centers, hospitals in Africa, shadowing a company doctor for a mining company and other things/ for extracurricular : mainly my participation in this crazy program called mars one and everything that came out of that (for ABS i truly believe it's the way you present your activities that is important rather than quantity) Casper : it was my
  2. it's not! when i talked with them today, they say the class was full but somehow they lost someone. but i'am still confused over the gpa placement in the waitlist, it does not make alot of sense
  3. i got an offer today, 12th july, french stream. 3.82 gpa
  4. i actually belive they did't have time to finish the first round of calls. they had 3 days to make the first wave of calls, and if you remember the last day (friday) they could not even make the calls they only sent automatic e-mails, they stopped at 3.92 gpa. usually it takes around a week to do the entire first wave of calls, and chantal was absent from then untill now. so highly likely that due to some weird stuff happening they could not finish the first round and now they will go ahead after she's back
  5. i didn't mention any stream i was talking in general, but she might have interpreted my question as a french stream question since i was speaking in french.
  6. they also say they are waiting for responses from certain candidates, which is weird since on paper the deadline for the first wave of calls is way passed
  7. just called, chantal is back. but they say do not expect calls today but there will be calls during the week. so maybe they will start tomorrow
  8. i don't think it's fair to tell people that they should see this as a reason to improve themselfs. the interview process is one of the most subjective ways to judge an applicant, especially a pannel interview. of course it's always good to improve yourself, but this should be no matter if you get accepted and not. in my opinion the interview part is legit luck based
  9. are you on the regular french good waitlist ? and do you know the wgpa of the person who got a call yesterday ?
  10. a friend of mine told me that Miss Parent is away untill the 28th, so it might be possible that tha'ts what's causing the delays. 1 person doing all the calls might take double the time
  11. not the act of calling people, I don't mind that. I don't even mind not being called at all, but what makes me feel not so good about all of this, is there is absolutely no way for me to know if I'am ranked number 1 or number 15 (assuming the good waitlist in the french stream has 15 spots, and as you know the faculty is so transparent it's impossible to know). if I knew my ranking I would plan my life accordingly. of course, it's a gamble since waitlist nothing is assured, but at least I would like to have control over my gambles, whether I want to write the mcat, take summer courses, or just
  12. well the waiting is definitely horrible. but what I really can't seem to understand is why the lack of transparency? Wouldn't it be far more considerate and human to give everyone his ranking? the list is already made. if someone is ranked number 5 in the waitlist lets say he can plan his summer accordingly while knowing when and when not to wait for the waitlist to move. it's really inconsiderate to how much this matters to us and how strong of a grip it has on our future plans etc.
  13. no way to know tbh. i don't even think they go up by 0.5, i was told the interview scoring goes by less than 0.5
  14. but i would expect they will start calling CNFS and regular at the same time
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