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  1. I think the new approach UofC is approaching is really good. In my mind, it is no way fair for students that poured their blood sweat and tears prior to this pandemic hitting to have their grades thrown out. Averages are higher, but for some in the upper years, there has been literally no differences in the averages. Anecdotally, there has been literally no change in my class averages compared to last year. If you do any pass/fail, schools should look at your fall semester, if you don't drop any, best is to allow students to keep both semester grades. That definitely helps with your grade infl
  2. Hey, I understand your concerns for grade inflation this semester, and how it will especially impact non-traditional applicants and those that currently are not in school. At the same time, removing this semester from future application cycles can harm students as well. Many students were looking to boost their overall averages by doing well this semester. Although it is only one semester, receiving an A in a few different classes can still end-up giving a nice boost to the overall academic average. We have to keep in mind that many students may have also been doing well before the schoo
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