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  1. Super excited for this years interviews. Good luck everyone!
  2. Has any9ne gotten their mailed package yet? I still havent and wonder if they got my address wrong
  3. I think i read somewhere that there were about 200 interviewed but idk how many applied
  4. Has anyone else heard nothing yet? Those who already got letters were you interprovincial ? Cus im from nb and have not heard anything lol
  5. Wow seems like they arnt doing an order if people have got both rejections and acceptances. Thats scary lol
  6. Same. But med still takes a stupid amount of time too haha
  7. Im going crazy. I wish it would just come and get it over with.
  8. Is anyone else going crazy refreshing their email? This is taking so long haha
  9. wow that's a long time frame to be sending out acceptances. hopefully when someone gets one they will post it on here.
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