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  1. Does anyone know any good RBC advisor in Mississauga region for residents/residents transitioning into practice? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know what happens to the LOC after residency is over? Can we continue to use the LOC or as some people have mentioned it automatically goes into repayment? Sorry for asking here I asked my RBC contact but she never responded.
  3. Thank you rmorelan for sharing your advice. I'd like to learn about investing and wouldn't mind spending some time to learn about it. I know this question has probably been asked before but what resources would you recommend for a complete beginner like myself to learn how to invest on my own?
  4. Thank you so much for your encouragements! Thanks for sharing your experience. I also feel like I did not perform up to par on the CFPC exam even though I apparently did decently (well enough to pass each station) during the practice SOOs. I too think about all the points I missed during the SOOs! Thank you so much for sharing I am going to wait until I have my results before finding a locum just to save myself from the embarrassment of having to tell someone I failed. I agree I will get on with the college application for now.
  5. Thank you for your helpful response. I guess I am just scared that I am the only resident to fail and want to prepare for the worst in case it happens!
  6. Hi all I just took the CCFP exam this past weekend and have been feeling extremely worried over how the exam went (both SOOs and SAMPs). I feel I did not perform my best at this exam and I would like to prepare for the likely scenario of me failing either one or both parts. I am especially worried about the SOOs. I am not sure what else I could have done to improve my performance. Could someone shed light on what I could do if I were to fail the CCFP exam / where to find supervisors as I prepare for the next exam? Thanks!
  7. I believe it came out around mid-December the last two years so I would assume the results would come out around that time this year as well (probably in about 2 weeks).
  8. Is it reasonable to get $500 of CFMS disability insurance before we graduate just to get our foot in the door and then raise the disability insurance after residency?
  9. Is there an alternative for people who would rather not pay money for these question banks (aside from Toronto notes and the Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam book)? Money is kinda tight these days ....
  10. Just wondering if anyone could comment on the competitiveness of getting the site that we want. I know this varies each year but in general If I want say Markham Stouffville or North York General how likely would we be able to get our top two choices? I'd like to start thinking of places to rent but unfortunately won't find out about the results from the internal match until late April
  11. Does anyone know approximately how many people from each school went unmatched?
  12. I think you should still rank the program based on how much you like the program as opposed to how you think you did on the interview since the CARMs match supposedly favours the applicants. There's no harm in ranking the program unless you absolutely would rather go unmatched than go to USask
  13. Can anyone comment whether any FM programs use MMI as their interview format (sorry if the answer is available online as I can't seem to find it).
  14. Thank you Dany! Appreciate your help!
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