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  1. Brilliant, thank you so much! I've always double-checked before committing to the courses in a given semester, but the anxiety in me always wants to check more.
  2. I called Western last year but they couldn't really confirm anything. If someone could help me double-check if I'll be eligible to apply, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've taken a few 100/200-level and pass/fail courses in my best 2/3 years, so I'm a bit worried that I've made some sort of a calculation error. The pass/fail courses are because I just sucked, but for the few 100/200-level courses, I had to take them because I changed my major very late (beginning of third year), so there was a decent chunk of prerequisites I had to take. I wonder if adcom will look at this unfavourably?
  3. Ahhh thank you both so much! Can't say I'm super proud of my first two years, but I think I definitely came out as a better person and I learned a LOT throughout the process too. Makes the tears (almost) worth it. I think I might try out Khan Academy over this school year and supplement it with Princeton next summer since many of my friends have resources and books they gave me. I'm also feeling a lot more confident now so thank you for your insight!
  4. My post history tells me otherwise, but the last time I personally remember posting on pm101 was after I'd failed a final exam, sobbing at my school's library. But I'm back and I've learned so much since that December of 2016 (I think that post was under a different name). It was super rough and demotivating at times, but it's also been four years of learning, meeting amazing people, and opportunities I never would've even dreamed of back when I started my UG degree. These are my annual GPAs (not cumulative): 1st year GPA: 1.7 (not full courseload) 2nd: 3.0 (not full courseload) 3rd
  5. Hello! Long story short I got two of my papers picked for my humanities major (both in history) and these are student publications (i.e: an undergraduate journal for my major). I was wondering if this counts as a publication as (a) it's not a scientific journal, and (b), it's a student-run (but edited by professors/TA) kind of journal. Not really about scientific methods and research either (which would be hard to do at the undergrad level for my arts major). I know it wouldn't hurt to publish them but I'd need to commit a lot of time to revising them, so I wanted to know if I should just publ
  6. Ah I don't know if that'll be possible for me at this rate :'(
  7. You don't think it'll look too bad? :S Maybe I'll switch majors then...
  8. Thank you for your insight! I guess I'm just desperate for some 4.0's because my first year GPA will pull down my cGPA by a significant amount, whether or not a school uses a different weighed system. I currently have around 16 things I can put on my application that I've done since I was 16, but it is a 'new cycle' since I had to quit everything I did as I moved to a different province. I'm hoping to at least get a few more research/volunteer positions squeezed in, as well as one or two more awards from the sports that I used to play--but it's also been a struggle since no one wants to g
  9. Now, I'm not sure if this is a dumb idea but I guess the reason why I'm so anxious is because I want to be available for the majority of medical schools in Canada. I've visited the ones in B.C/Ontario/Alberta and will check out more in coming years (because I find going in person to be the best way to know where I fit in). The thing is, if I was going to apply to a school which doesn't require EC's, I'd rather spend 100% of my time on my grades, rather than half/half (granted, I like my EC's since they either involve leadership/commitment or volunteer projects abroad), but because most schools
  10. First year with low gpa. I had a 1.7, 1.6 respectively. Summer between 1 and 2 I had 3.7. First semester of second year I had a 3.8. Now I'm in the second semester of my second year. I know a lot of schools have the top two years/top two best years thing but I guess just having a low cumulative GPA makes me really anxious I'll still work hard though! Just makes me sad when prof asks 'who wants to go to med school' and 1200 kids raise their hands and to know that I'm probably in the bottom 10%... sigh
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