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  1. No worries!! We're all anxious! Let's stay strong together! All i know is for both McGill and Western, their med/dental have very similar application process, timeline, and they announced the interview invites on the same day. The two med schools do have a larger poll of applicants/ people who come up and post their status compared to us dent. Nothing is 100% until we get the email from the admin office, but it might help us feeling we're not just waiting..
  2. Didn't wanna start a fight or anything. Of course it's not the same. The results do come out the same day around the same time for invites.. Just saying for us being anxious here that's another place we can find information from.
  3. People in the western medical school have been rejected. Not sure when we'll be notified.
  4. Same. Haven't heard back. IP, Lower stats compared to people here who got Invites. But let's keep praying!
  5. TIME STAMP: 10:04 am Result: Refused GPA: 3.86 CV: club exec, research, shadowing, volunteering Year: last year undergrad Feelings about Casper: Not great? Didn't finish 2 questions. Applicant category: OOP
  6. Also rejected. Btw, how do you check which quartile you're in for Manitoba??
  7. @toothfairty992 Thanks for starting this thread! Good luck guys!!!
  8. Sorry do you mind if I ask you some questions about the line of credit? Just got accepted to a US school.
  9. On their website I saw it's the end of Jan, but does anyone know when exactly?
  10. Was taking a summer course in 2020 (Biochem 2), but had to drop.. wasn't able to attend class due to longterm family issues. I'm taking it at my own uni this winter coming up but that'll disqualify my eligibility for UBC as they said all prereqs have to be completed by Aug, 30 of 2020.
  11. Hate to say this, but maybe they just haven't had the time to do rejection letters yet. I'm 100% sure I will be rejected because of the change in my courses I don't meet the prereq course requirement anymore. But got no rejection letter yet.
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