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  1. Ok so am I dreaming??? because admissions are out --- Feel free to leave to help future applicants Accepted/rejected/waitlisted GPA: DAT (AA/RC/PAT): Interview (personal opinion): IP/OOP: 3/4/5th year/masters/PhD
  2. I'm going to book a study room on Monday evenings at UofT. Message me if you want to join! If no one comes I'll just yknow use the room to study. Sorry I didn't contact some of you! Everyone wanted to wait until invites were out so I held off on messaging.
  3. I was thinking once a week we could Skype or meet up, do a couple rounds of MMI or CDA type questions, and give feedback. I will PM you guys also Happy new years to you guys too!
  4. I can't find any official confirmation but I've heard so from two helpful UofT dental students. I'll PM you!
  5. CDA and MMI practice? I live in Toronto, let me know! -- Skype could work as well
  6. Here is a screenshot. I'd upload the PDF but the file is too big to attach here.
  7. My first 2 years were pretty good but I think my third year is going eh, so I feel like I have a better shot this year anyways. Good to know it doesn't really make a difference. Thanks for the response
  8. Hi just wondering if it is harder to get in as a third year. Other than the fact they drop your lowest year in GPA calc if you apply 4th year, are there any other advantages? Thanks
  9. Bio/chem was easy PAT, I had to rush at the end. I had a minute left and I was staring at the cube counting one (THE ONE) but I knew I didn't have enough time to fix it. RC, RIP people who didn't use DATcrusher (me) All I can say is I am keeping an eye on how many seats are available for February, hopefully I can know my results before seats run out, but otherwise I may sign up for February before results come out. Sucks that DAT is only offered twice a year.
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