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  1. Does the subject line of the email give any indication of the decision? Haven’t received any emails as of yet (checked spam already).
  2. I found this, and it appears to be the correct group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/890090427991609/
  3. I concur, the description doesn't even resemble those of the previous years either. Hopefully someone finds the official group once it's made.
  4. For those who are accepted, I believe I found the MD2023 FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/356461004952627/
  5. For those on the waitlist, both the English and French streams begin to see movement later in the month based on previous experience. For those waitlisted for French, expect movement once Quebec schools have begun sending out their respective offers. I have seen offers go out as late as July! It isn't oven until you receive an email stating that the class is full. Hopefully this helps calm some nerves, and you should all be proud regardless!
  6. What was the subject line of the email if you don't mind me asking? Last year it was "Congratulations - Status of application - Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa". Friend is waiting for an email and wanted to know if the subject line gives a hint on the decision. Congrats by the way!
  7. Last year I received the email around 6:46AM so I should expect them to roll out soon! Indeed, but this year seems to be rather strange with the current OMSAS situation so I suspect there might be some delay.
  8. Good luck everyone! Emails came out around this time last year and the subject line was "Congratulations - Status of application - Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa". Id be curious to know if they changed the subject line again this year if anyone could let me know.
  9. Just to preface, we had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so my answers are intentionally vague. 1) When I did my interview, the interview was in some sort of conference room with a long table, with one member on each other of the table, so I expect something similar to occur this year. 2) They're there to know you. I would say that they can be both open ended and direct. 3) There was a panel-interview practice opportunity at my previous university (offered by career services), so I would suggest looking into your university and if they offer something similar. 3) Be yo
  10. When I did my interview, I stayed near the main uOttawa campus. I then took the campus shuttle between Main and RGN the day of the interview, and a few individuals took a similar method (we were easy to spot, not many students take the shuttle to RGN fully dressed up in suits and such!).
  11. Your GPA will be used as a tie-breaker should your interview score be on par with that of another applicant in the same stream (English, French, CFNS, etc.). While a higher GPA may be advantageous, if you take a look at the admitted/rejected/waitlist thread, you have individuals with 3.95-3.97 GPA's being waitlisted/rejected. My advice would be to try your best at the interview. Good luck!
  12. I remember you from the last applicant cycle! Best of luck this year!
  13. From my invite-email last year, it mentioned "Congratulations" status of application in the subject line. Good luck to everyone, from the class of 2022!
  14. Based on what I've seen in the MD2022 Facebook Group, there are individuals that live both near RGN as well as near Downtown. There's a complimentary shuttle that departs the main uOttawa Campus approximately every 15-20 minutes and takes around 15-20 minutes to reach RGN (It stops at Lees, St Paul, and then RGN last I recall (+/- Traffic). I dont believe it should make much of a different in the first two years, but maybe it will matter more for Clerkship.
  15. Did you register via the Heart and Stroke website? I believe some BLS courses are indeed provided in a more private setting (including one's home) IF they are a certified instructor (which you can see on the H&S website). This occurs when they're limited spaces (I believe I saw one with a maximum of 6 people) I believe 3 to 4 hours seems about right (most I've seen is 5). If you're truly concerned, I would assume you can call the H&S and ask them if X course and the individual is valid.
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