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  1. Here are the rankings. I think U of T, McGill, UBC are still the "'top 3" medical schools.. the rest may be hard to discriminate.
  2. Is it common to not have to touch the LOC for the first year? I am hoping to delay that as much as possible..
  3. Did anyone get any information on how to register for courses on Monday?
  4. just be careful when handling those mannequins.. they're so filthy.. i got a pink eye infection right after one of those sessions!
  5. Do I sign up for this disability insurance recommended by the FMEQ? https://www.sogemec.qc.ca/etu/produits/etudiant-en-medecine-assurance-invalidite.html
  6. I don't think you need to specify the reason for your request. Not sure what the relevant legislation says (Access to Information Act?) and whether CaRMS is considered an eligible entity under which one can enforce the Access to Information Act. To be honest, as an NFPO with so many external stakeholder groups they should disclose the full set of audited financial statements. I also just read the auditor report, and it says that they only audited the summary information so they probably don't even have the full set of financial statements audited. This is really an anomaly. Based on what I hav
  7. I am an accountant. @la marzocco is right. A surplus or deficit is defined as annual revenues less annual operating costs. In this vein, they did post a surplus of $1.9M. They do not look at purchases of new equipment and movements to the reserve fund - those are uses of cash not expenses. They did put $1.6M into the reserve based on the financial statements.
  8. I highly doubt it will move that much this year. I think what @la marzocco calculated could very well be indicative of this year's waitlist movement. We need to take into account the number of deferrals from prior year as well, alongside the reduction in seats.
  9. A friend of mine just got her OOP acceptance! I think it is coming out slowly!
  10. TIME STAMP: 8:40 am Result: Accepted! (MDCM) cGPA: 4.00, pre-reqGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 526 submitted (132/132/131/131) ECs: volunteerism, pro bono consulting work, clubs and organizations during university Year: completed masters IP/OOP/International: INTL Letters of reference: No
  11. It really is! I am from the states, and we don't hear much about Canadian medical schools, but U of T, McGill and UBC. All three appear to be very top notch! And the lower tuition + the nice exchange rate don't hurt
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