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  1. https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/application-process/offers-admission It's under the "Unsuccessful Applicants" tab
  2. Result: Accepted!!!!!!!!!! English Stream Time-stamp: 6:52 AM wGPA: 4.00 CASPer: I thought it went ok, I'm a slow typer but I felt I was able to analyze different aspects of the problem pretty effectively in the given time. ECs: Pretty strong I believe. Feel free to PM me for more info MCAT: 130/131/129/128 Interview: I thought it went ok. Ethical questions are a strength of mine, but I felt like my panel was really cold to me, must have been fine though. Year: Graduating this year Geography: IP, OOO
  3. A friend of mine got off the waitlist this morning for an interview tomorrow, so I can confirm that there was movement.
  4. Has anyone who received an interview invite received the e-mail with the interview day details? It was supposed to be sent out 24-48 hours after the invite, but I still haven't gotten it yet.
  5. Result: Invite! Time Stamp: Jan 31. 2:57 PM Interview Date: TBD wGPA/cGPA: 4.0 Year: 4th year Undergrad MCAT: 518 (130/131/129/128) ECs: I would say strong overall, but perhaps average relative to this forum Geography: IP
  6. Invite!!! Time Stamp: 29/01/1996 - 6:00 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 4.0 Current year:4th year ECs: I would say above average, although relative to this forum they may be average. PM me for details if you like. Casper: I'm also interviewing at Mac so it must have gone at least decent (?)
  7. Do you mind elaborating on this? I received an interview at Mac and I'm curious if the time stamp might mean something.
  8. Time Stamp: 4:05 PM EST Invite: Yes IP/OOP: IP Non-SWOMEN 2YGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 130/131/129 (Chem/CARS/Bio)
  9. Timestamp: 2:20 pm Invite/Reject: Invite (MD) GPA: 4.0 CARS: 131 Casper: I go back and forth with how I feel it went IP, 4th year of a 4 year UG
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