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  1. Hello friends. I posted the "Preparing for the MMI" document a few months ago (http://forums.premed101.com/topic/97407-preparing-for-the-mmi/), in hopes that people would look at it and, hopefully, use it to help prepare for the MMI. Now that interviews are over and offers of admission are being sent out, I hope to get some feedback on it. Was it helpful? Were there topics that you feel should be discussed that I left out? If you did use it, were you send an offer of admission? Any other comments you feel are important? It's okay to tell me that it wasn't helpful, but pleas
  2. They stopped releasing your location on the waitlist for the first time this year. They no longer release it because they had troubles with releasing it in the past.
  3. Preparing for the MMI December 30, 2016 University of Saskatchewan Disclaimer: Please check the admissions website for the most up to date information http://medicine.usask.ca/admission-to-the-md-program/how-to-apply.php This is a recount of how I prepared and may not work for everyone. Following this guide completely will not guarantee that you will get into medicine. The intent is to give you a good shot at getting into medicine. If you continue, you are using this document at your own risk. Table of
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