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  1. I have one on my forearm that I hid for the interview but don't plan to hide anymore (unless it violates dress codes anywhere). It's non-offensive and medically related and people seem to like it after I explain the significance, even if they were on the fence before. I do plan to ask anyone I shadow if it bothers them though. If they say yes I will keep it covered. If no, I won't flaunt it but won't hide it either.
  2. You should really focus on gaining some resiliency, independence, and additional skills. Going home so frequently won't be possible in clerkship and residency and if you have such debilitating anxiety that a year later you're still having the same fears, that doesn't bode too well imo. I would strongly suggest seeking counseling.
  3. I'm going to echo the advice above for reviewing your answers and why you got things wrong/right. This was far more helpful for me than even song the tests themselves. I only truly started to improve when I did this to identify my weaknesses and see where I could improve.
  4. I also didn't use anywhere near the full amount. They specify to be concise so I respected that and used the minimum possible space!
  5. I booked mine a month in advance but I know people who booked with less time without issue. I can't say I know whether or not the seats "fill up" though, but for an online test it's hard to imagine there being a cutoff.
  6. It had something to do with application numbers from NB not being as high this year. It's an anomaly but the NB class will be more diverse this time!
  7. No they don't, not this year. Several OOP were accepted to the NB campus this year.
  8. As an incoming M1 with not a penny to my name and existing student debt from undergrad, this is worrisome. Really highlights how those who come from well-off families can be over-represented in healthcare. I'm going to live as frugally as I can, but realistically I will be supporting myself almost fully from the LOC so that debt is going to go up regardless of what I do.
  9. Considering how competitive Ontario is it's not the worst idea, but I'm unfamiliar with west coast admission requirements. You could also contemplate moving to NB for IP status for Dal, but that would give you a more narrow window than the north would by your description.
  10. Mine offered the passport infinite as standard and I didn't even need to ask. He also said in an email that if any of the perks improve in the future he will upgrade me so I can't see it being a problem for you to get the infinite.
  11. I think they're strict but I'm not too sure. It would be best to send them off an email or call them, I found them super helpful when I was applying!
  12. Don't go back to them its obvious they don't know what they're doing. Check RBC or Scotia.
  13. TD is not known to have a good LOC for medical students. You are far better off checking at RBC or Scotiabank (Scotia is my personal favourite). Scotia approved me within 24 hours without a cosigner. I have adequate credit but no assets and a lot of student loans. My husband had offered to cosign if needed and they said "we don't like using cosigners and we are positive it won't be needed". All in all I had a very positive experience there and I know of people who had been rejected elsewhere but were approved by Scotia.
  14. I personally already have a Macbook Air that I absolutely love. I'm adding an iMac desktop and an iPad pro with the apple pen. I tested both out and absolutely love them - the apple pen is going to be so helpful for keeping all my notes electronic and being efficient in class (since I can write on powerpoints then immediately save it to the cloud.....nothing will get lost this way). I've had multiple bad PC experiences and haven't looked back once since I went Mac. I absolutely love them and in my own experience they've lasted amazingly well. At the end of the day, you need to do what yo
  15. Definitely look at schools that consider the last 2 years of GPA or maybe drop your lowest year (I know dalhousie considers last two). With a 5th year if you kill it you will be in a much better position. Where will you be considered IP for, Ontario? That also makes a difference. I would very strongly suggest against considering Caribbean or anything IMG (but especially Caribbean). IMG from these schools are often frowned upon and stigmatized against. They also operate on a massive for-profit model and weed out most of their students in the first 2 years, such that many come home w
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