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  1. I'm w TD and didn't need a cosigner weird and yeah mine was prime -0.25
  2. They send out the same email, no high, normal, or low rank waitlist emails :/
  3. Yeah no consequences but you'll lose any money you put into the school
  4. Do you know what your GPA would be for schools if you did a 5th year of undergrad instead of a whole other degree? Would it help?
  5. If you keep that up you'll be competitive for interviews for sure (pending a solid DAT) if not after third year then once you finish your degree
  6. In my opinion you're in good shape. I don't really see the necessity of retaking it with your current scores. If you really want you can retake it and if it's worse then I'm pretty sure you can still just send your Nov 2019 scores
  7. I had a 3.84 for u of t with a one year master's
  8. I agree, GPA shouldn't limit you. Might recommend retaking the DAT -- PAT is fine, but yeah if you could get your AA to like 20 you would be in pretty decent shape
  9. RT I had a 3.84 GPA (I was finishing a masters during my application year though) and a DAT score that was competitive but not amazing. Definitely possible, especially now with the supplemental stuff they've added to the application
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