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  1. If you keep that up you'll be competitive for interviews for sure (pending a solid DAT) if not after third year then once you finish your degree
  2. In my opinion you're in good shape. I don't really see the necessity of retaking it with your current scores. If you really want you can retake it and if it's worse then I'm pretty sure you can still just send your Nov 2019 scores
  3. I had a 3.84 for u of t with a one year master's
  4. I agree, GPA shouldn't limit you. Might recommend retaking the DAT -- PAT is fine, but yeah if you could get your AA to like 20 you would be in pretty decent shape
  5. RT I had a 3.84 GPA (I was finishing a masters during my application year though) and a DAT score that was competitive but not amazing. Definitely possible, especially now with the supplemental stuff they've added to the application
  6. Dw I was in the same boat as you. I did like 3 weeks of studying with a calc before I found out I couldn't use one. It really wasn't as bad as I had made it out in my head to be, and youtube was a big help in terms of learning how to do some of the slightly more challenging things (I can't remember exactly what they were, but like an hour of youtube videos and I had it down decently)
  7. For sure apply this cycle (in my opinion) -- your stats are already pretty solid. If it doesn't work out this year then 1) at least you'll have already experienced the process 2) if you do well in this 5th year of UG you'll be an even stronger applicant.
  8. The dental faculty is quite separate from other faculties -- I don't think getting to know faculty in an undergrad science program at a school as big as U of T would make an appreciable difference. In my opinion it would be more valuable trying to land a summer research position at the dental school. I landed one and it was really beneficial both in terms of getting exposure to the academic side of dentistry and gave me some talking points in interviews. For sure go somewhere you can do well though -- coming out of undergrad with a 3.9 to 4.0 will make you competitive anywhere. It won't m
  9. If I remember correctly it just said to check the student center and it was sent the morning after the decisions were on the student center. That's the only email I can find regarding admissions in my inbox anyways
  10. Yep, and then an email was sent the next day. lol I literally had it covered with my hand for about 5 mins before I got the courage to look
  11. Idk if they've changed it given the circumstances, but last year the student center changed at like midnight. Although it was like a Wednesday night and not a Friday so not sure if it's possible it comes out late tonight. (I'm purely speculating, I don't know what info you guys have been given about it)
  12. You'll 100% get faster with practice. I'd google some strategies to help you create a bit of a plan of attack and then it's just reps
  13. That's not really a fair comment. Yes, there's a lot of uncertainty but people can still speculate and anticipate the release of acceptances...
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