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  1. It's just not feasible to go through each and every activity, and read the responses of each verifier for each applicant. It could be as high at 28 verifiers for some people (assuming you have a different verifier for each activity). Better to take a random sample, or to focus on activities that hold a lot of weight on the application. For example, a one off 30 hour activity might not be worth verifying, but an activity that totals 2500 hours might be more worthwhile verifying. Not sure if this is what they do, but I'm just speculating. My activities that were verified was an old j
  2. I believe they generally do email, and perhaps a phone call if they don’t respond within the allotted deadline
  3. Not all verifiers are contacted. I only had 2 when I applied, others had none
  4. Sorry to hear about the rejections everyone. If this is truly what you want, don't give up! Given that Dal recently changed their MCAT requirements, I imagine there's been a steep increase in applicants, and thus some stiff competition. Not to mention all the many ways the pandemic has affected our lives... Regardless, just being able to apply is such a privilege. Not many people can even get to this stage. Keep your head high!
  5. And it doesn’t get any better! I can empathize. When letters were delayed last year it felt like an eternity.
  6. With a pandemic, many things change and that can include the order. Best thing to do is remain calm and not jump to conclusions.
  7. Best advice I'ver ever heard/given in regards to choosing an undergrad is this: pick something you genuinely enjoy and are passionate about. Here's why: 1) Being in a program you enjoy will make you much more likely to work hard in school, and it will feel more effortless than it would if you forced yourself into a program you didn't enjoy. 2) Building off of 1, you'll be busy in other aspects of your life (working, keeping up with ECs, social life, etc.) and being in a program that you enjoy will make you far more likely to be satisfied with those areas of your life as well.
  8. Sounds like a great award! My only concern would be the timeline of it (I believe dal restricts you to activities and rewards that have started/been awarded in the last 5 years). Although if you were going to have an empty spot anyway it may not hurt!
  9. If you check their profile it appears they are a student at western, so I take it they didn’t go through with it.
  10. If you take a small fraction of what you said and reframed it, sure you look “selfless”. If you read the whole message, analyze your tone, it’s quite evident you’re only making this post because you feel robbed of one semester. Not to mention, you consistently reference your own situation. Nothing is perfect, you seem more passionate about the med school admissions process than you are of medicine itself, maybe pursue a career in administration and apply for a job managing an admissions faculty to try to implement all the improvements you seem to know about. (For example, software to mak
  11. I'll echo what others have said: time of day you worked is irrelevant, and if anything it makes you look flexible. Doctors can get graveyard shifts as well! Think of the ER for example.
  12. This is pretty accurate! But I’ll say that this does vary every year I believe, a friend of mine that made the WL this year had a 4.0 and a 516 and got a 24/25 on the academic section.. it varies, but clearly not much
  13. I believe Dal actually looks at overall scores so long as they meet cutoffs. Either one will likely translate into a 8/10 on the MCAT section, but just incase I think the higher score is better (so long as you can choose, check on this!). Now, for other schools that's a different story haha! Congrats on the great cars score, I could never score that
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