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  1. Hi guys, Can someone let me know where they are getting their vaccinations done from ? My family physician is not available and I called a bunch of CLSCs and they're not doing any either until after Covid-19. I'm not sure what to do... Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you know if I can use the PASS/FAIL option for my winter 2020 grades if I have already been accepted to McGill med/dent ? Usually they want to see that you upheld your academic performance in the last semester as well.. so I'm not sure if this would be okay given the current circumstances? Thank you!
  3. I didn't know about the 9pm deadline and I applied around 10pm... does anyone know if I'll have access to Minerva by 9pm tomorrow? And will the application still be considered since I already paid? I emailed the supporting documents along with the academic workbook.
  4. Hi guys, Can someone who has recently taken the TFI test please let me know what the format of the exam is? Is it only 180 multiple choice questions or is there also a written portion? Thank you!!
  5. I only went with Vanier because Dawson was offering all science classes at the exact same time (at night only), while Vanier has classes during the day, but yeah now seeing the difference in price, I'm a little upset :/ but I also wanted to improve my sgpa for the next cycle so I didn't have a choice but it's definitely weird that both cegeps aren't charging the same
  6. I'm not retaking them because they're expired, but to improve my grades
  7. Ohhh okay.. that's what I was expecting as well! It's crazy to pay $420 for one cegep course. Do you think Vanier and Dawson may be different ? When I went to inquire about this, I was told that the Ministry only subsidizes the course the first time you take it, and you have to pay the full amount because its ur choice to retake it for a better grade. But it's weird because I was pretty sure about people paying less than $200 at Dawson when taking it the second time. I think I'll go ask again, because I'm not born in Canada but I did provide them with everything and I've done my en
  8. Yes I'm taking two and the total amount comes to $840 !
  9. Hi guys! I’m retaking some of my science prereqs at Vanier this summer and each class is costing me over $400 as I’m being charged $5 per course hour instead of the $2 I was expecting. The reason for this is because I’ve already taken the class at a different Cégep... has anyone else dealt with a similar situation? I thought redoing the classes at a Cegep was supposed to be the cheaper option.. please let me know if there’s anything that can be done. thank you!
  10. Hey guys, This year was my first year applying to McGill and fortunately I got an interview for DMD, but was refused post-interview. I asked for my ranking and it's very clear that my science prereqs were the reason for refusal because my interview ranking was fairly high. But I also got to see my pre-interview rankings and I can see that I barely made it for the interview in the first place. So.. now im a little scared i wont get an interview next year... Can any re-applicants give some insights on what they did to improve their application? Im already planning on redoing my science cla
  11. Date limite c'est le 15 mars, alors je pense que c'est correct si tu le fais en février ! Vue que l'examen est le 16 février et que ça prend environ 1 mois pour avoir les résultats, tu devrais être correct...
  12. Anyone taking the TFI test in February? Took the test in 2016 and it seems like the format has changed.. can someone confirm? thank you!
  13. Hey guys, For those of you who took the DAT in February 2018 and applied to McGill for admission in Fall 2019, on Minerva have they received your DAT score? Mine still says Items outstanding and the only thing missing is the DAT score.. I'm starting to get worried... Thanks
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