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  1. Hi all, I wonder if anyone has any information or indeed expierence with the working conditions, job market and salary for FM hospitalist in Alberta? Would be extremely grateful if anyone with actual expierence working in rural Alberta or indeed another provice gives their 2 cents.
  2. The UCP really seems to enjoy burning all good will to the ground. I do wonder what impact to fee structure they are looking at for psych considering how in demand psych is all over the country.
  3. Would anyone like to give their thoughts on how the current government's policies have affected psychiatry? The situation with family med is well documented for many reasons, are psychiatrists leaving in more significant numbers as well anecdotally due to changes in this government's policy towards doctors?
  4. I thought about clinical psychology, as wonderful as psychology is I feel its been a doctor is what I want to be and what that entails.
  5. Anyone else who is in their late thirties that are interested in psychitary? Whats your story?
  6. What's the salary like in Alberta now on average? Edit: I should have expanded on this; my apologies. Because of the current government's cutbacks and the perception of family medicine becoming financially intolerable, would a recent FM doc like to give their thoughts?
  7. Which schools have a good name for subspecialties in mood disorders?
  8. Has anyone else been following the mess that the UCP government in Alberta has caused and due to this many doctors are vocal about walking away from the province For context: https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/corbella-half-of-albertas-doctors-are-considering-leaving-thanks-to-ucp-hostility Would this change your mind about practicing medicine in Alberta?
  9. Would any current psychiatrists who practise in rural BC like to talk about their practice, experiences, challenges, remuneration and overall quality of life?
  10. Forgive me, I should clarify it is related to comments from people who have applied and primarily interested in the rural campus. And seeing this made me wonder why , the points you brought up certainly crossed my mind too, and they certainly will influence first choices.
  11. I have noticed a trend in some of the comments and how rural premeds feel toward the NMP. Im wondering why? is it due to location? or, is it more related to belief that going there will limit training and/ or research roles? Im curious to know what people think!
  12. Hey there, I was curious if any posters here currently enrolled in the SMP want to give their thoughts and experiences about the learning environment and also what the general area is like? Also, are non-trads rare in this program?
  13. Anyone doing the Life Sci program hoping to get into U of C med program?
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