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  1. 98 average... yikes... Are you sure? Just curious since I’ve been around the brightest students in UBC science and the highest I have seen is 96-97 avg during non-covid times.
  2. Lol. Everyone wants to believe that the system is set up to benefit themselves in particular. No one knows. However, it’s definitely not just TFR score and interview.
  3. Those stats are quite impressive. I'm assuming you got regrets with a below average interview? How did you feel about your interview for that specific year?
  4. Can stats carry you through to an acceptance with a below average interview? I feel that my interview wasn't amazing but I have a 96% gpa and 519 mcat (IP as well).
  5. Any locals down to practice in-person (socially distanced and wearing masks in a park, cafe, etc.)?
  6. Technically, they can send regrets tomorrow and leave regular invites to the last.
  7. They’re gonna send R’s and invites together on Dec. 24. UBC’s Christmas present to applicants.
  8. What percentile NAQ do you need with a 96% average?
  9. Hey, Random question but how good does my naq have to be with a 96% cGPA?
  10. Congrats to all the successful applicants! Would it be possible to post your stats in the pinned thread (after you’re done celebrating) so future applicants like me can use them as a reference point. Thanks!
  11. Unless you are familiar with grading schemes of the smaller schools, I would consider it a gamble. At UBC, I know exactly how my grade will calculated for every single course I take (90+ = A+). At SFU, I hear the letter grades vary from department to department or course to course so an A+ may be a 90 in one class and 97 in another.
  12. Oh, I didn’t look at it that way but I agree with you. If you are an excellent student, there are a lot of opportunities to get 95+ in core science courses and gpa boosters at UBC.
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