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  1. This is a quote from the "Referee Requirements" subsection of the ORPAS website. Once the email is sent the reference status will change to "Email Sent." Hopefully this helps!
  2. Here is the information from their website: So, it seems as though they don't accept international students!
  3. It totally depends on the program and university! Not all programs have January start dates, but for those that do I'd say they'd still be accepting applicants. Oxford Brookes is September and Glasgow Caledonian is January.
  4. Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for anyone that is going to be going to the UK for OT/PT in September 2019/January 2020. I thought this would be a good space to discuss pretty well anything: visas, flight deals, accommodation, funding, SEAS, placements, and whatever else comes up! I've decided I'm definitely going to the UK, but I'm still deciding between Oxford Brookes and Glasgow Caledonian. I'm leaning more towards OBU though!
  5. Well, after failing to secure a spot in Canada for the second year, it looks like I'm off to the UK! If anyone is in a similar situation, please feel free to message me! Congrats to everyone who was offered a spot, and to those that didn't make it in this year, keep at it! I know it's so disheartening to be so passionate about something and be rejected, but you never know what the next year may bring!
  6. For anyone waitlisted at Western, I was rejected and also have the "3 2019" message, so I don't think it really means much with regards to a waitlist position.
  7. Hey! If you don't mind me asking, did you get accepted to any of the UK schools you applied to? I've also applied to Oxford Brookes!
  8. *cues Europe's "The Final Countdown"* One more week until Ontario schools release their acceptances. I know this is a very stressful time for everyone, so I just wanted to say good luck!
  9. Hey! I've been accepted to GCU for OT. I'll be going to GCU if I don't get in anywhere on May 17th. Were you given an unconditional offer? I was given a conditional offer, so I have to complete the Negotiated Learning Module.
  10. Queen's, McGill, and UofT do not do OT interviews. With Queen's and UofT, you will get either accepted, rejected, or waitlisted on May 17th. McGill isn't quite as clear, though I would say we should hear at least something by the end of May.
  11. I would say you definitely stand a chance! UofT only looks at your sGPA, and I would say with a 3.75 you'd be considered a competitive applicant.
  12. I've been really struggling trying to determine how much money is simply too much. I've interviewed for Glasgow Caledonian (waiting on the results), and it's staggering looking at the numbers. Occupational therapy is absolutely what I want to do, but how do you decide when enough is simply enough? This is my second year applying, and of course, I'm waiting to hear back from Candian schools, but my stats aren't impressive, so I'm dealing with the very real possibility that going abroad might be my only option. What are your thoughts? Apologies for the rant, it's just something I had to get off
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