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  1. I've just been lurking but I just have to say that the callousness and continued willful ignorance you have displayed throughout this thread is, frankly, appalling. Please check yourself, because these attributes will not serve you (or anyone) well should you end up in the field of medicine.
  2. Pure speculation on my part, but it's probably already been determined whether you'll be offered an interview for the MD program (as you've said), they just don't want to reveal whether you've received an MD interview until they're ready to do so for the entire applicant pool. Don't overthink it.
  3. Queen's uses MCAT both as a cutoff and competitively. The website lays this out clearly.
  4. You can be almost certain that your MCAT is fine to meet the Queen's thresholds. Don't waste your time by rewriting it.
  5. Replace "race/identity" with "wealth/privilege", and you've got how people have always viewed QuARMS up to this point.
  6. My hunch is that a 3.39/3.49 cGPA/wGPA might not be quite high enough to make the graduate cutoff. But it's anyone's guess, and it's worth a shot! Do your best on the MCAT and see what happens.
  7. When you say your undergrad GPA is 3.5, is that your cumulative undergrad GPA? Is your most recent 2-year undergrad GPA different? It seems to me that GPA is likely your biggest question mark. The GPA cut-off for applicants with a graduate degree is a little lower than for undergraduates, but nobody knows exactly what it is. It's anyone's guess whether 3.5 would make the cut or not. If not, the rest of your application unfortunately won't be considered. Keep in mind that only your undergraduate GPA is considered -- not your GPA from your OT degree.
  8. Most faculties at Queen's will likely be online for the fall semester. However, the Faculty of Health Sciences has been lobbying for the university to make an exception for medicine, nursing, and rehabilitation programs. The university has recently come out and said that these programs will have "priority" for on-campus delivery in the fall if at all possible. So the administration seems optimistic that all meds classes will be able to have on-campus curriculum delivery in the fall. Nothing is confirmed yet, but I'd say that at this point you should still plan on finding housing in Kingston fo
  9. This is incorrect. You're getting your information from an undergraduate programs webpage, whose admissions process is quite different from that of the medical school admissions process (OMSAS). Once you accept an offer at one Ontario school, you are removed from all other waitlists in Ontario automatically. In other words, once you accept an offer, you're locked in. https://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/accept-offer-remain-on-wait-lists/
  10. Hi, I'm not OP but I'm a current Qmed student who was accepted with a 3.7 wGPA/ 3.4 cGPA from the general applicant pool. Please be careful not to make assumptions that lower stats = a member of a special population, because this can be offensive to the person you're asking and demeaning to the population as a whole.
  11. You will almost certainly be screened out with a 124 in CARS, unfortunately.
  12. Step 1: A GPA cutoff is determined. All those below the GPA cutoff are cut. All those above proceed to step 2. Step 2: An MCAT cutoff (subsection and composite score) is determined. All those below the MCAT cutoffs are cut. All those above proceed to step 3. Step 3: Reference letters and ABS are assessed. A score is assigned to each student's GPA, MCAT, ref letters, and sketch. The students with the top 500 (ish) overall scores will be invited for an interview. The rest are cut.
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