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  1. Got my R GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 520 Maritimes Connection: None but thought I had a decent essay
  2. OOP Rejection (few hours ago) GPA: 90ish MCAT: 520 EC’s: Not the best but not weak CASPer: Met Dal’s cut off, felt decent and don’t think it went bad enough to limit me Essays: Whipped them together in a week or so but not my best work. Kind of expected this tbh they only have 6 OOP seats
  3. Thank you for the words of encouragement! My final grades are in for the semester and I managed to improve in my second and final mandatory organic chemistry course to A-. No B's this semester as well Thank you both, your comments and stories helped me a lot this semester
  4. Hello! I’m a second year student attending University of Ottawa. My CGPA is an 8 here, which translates to a 3.59 when all my class gpas are averaged. This year is going much better as I should finish with mostly 4s, but since I did poorly in my first year, my average will always be affected and it seems daunting to bring it up to a 3.9+. I have 3 B+’s, and 1 B in organic chemsitry that are really weighing me down. I’m looking for people who have or had been in a similar situation and have had success when applying to medical school in Canada. Is there still hope? Thank you
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