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  1. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 520 aGPA: 4.3 Coefficients: None Congrats to those who got it, it’s an achievement in itself to interview at this school as an OOP
  2. Just got the R. OOP applicant last name C, saw this coming tbh since OOP is hella competitive but congrats to those who got it
  3. Got my R GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 520 Maritimes Connection: None but thought I had a decent essay
  4. OOP Rejection (few hours ago) GPA: 90ish MCAT: 520 EC’s: Not the best but not weak CASPer: Met Dal’s cut off, felt decent and don’t think it went bad enough to limit me Essays: Whipped them together in a week or so but not my best work. Kind of expected this tbh they only have 6 OOP seats
  5. Thank you for the words of encouragement! My final grades are in for the semester and I managed to improve in my second and final mandatory organic chemistry course to A-. No B's this semester as well Thank you both, your comments and stories helped me a lot this semester
  6. Hello! I’m a second year student attending University of Ottawa. My CGPA is an 8 here, which translates to a 3.59 when all my class gpas are averaged. This year is going much better as I should finish with mostly 4s, but since I did poorly in my first year, my average will always be affected and it seems daunting to bring it up to a 3.9+. I have 3 B+’s, and 1 B in organic chemsitry that are really weighing me down. I’m looking for people who have or had been in a similar situation and have had success when applying to medical school in Canada. Is there still hope? Thank you
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