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  1. You aren't alone! I'm trying to focus on homework but realizing that this process starts in a few hours
  2. Those are my thoughts too. And, especially as this med student/resident was either in their rotation position or at work, it was also unprofessional in my opinion. I'm tempted to find out who they are and report them, but what would be the point really. But yes, I agree. The whole idea seems too full of ethical landmines and what good does bragging your dad had to buy your spot in medschool do? I didnt quite understand that part myself.
  3. While it *may* be common in the States, this surprised me to hear it may be happening in Canada as well: essentially bribing your way into the program... Overheard a 3rd or 4th year medical student/resident at a family practice telling someone that her daughter's chances of getting into ubc med were really low if she was White and then made the statement that her dad (the med student/resident's) had donated over $100k to UBC MED and she cited that as a strong reason she was accepted. That and not being White... Is this a thing in Canada? Are we doomed if we are White and our parents
  4. Hey guys - does anyone know if ubc med and nursing "talk" to each other in terms of seeing which students are applying to both programs? I figured I could apply to nursing while trying to get into med (with med being the ultimate goal). I don't want to apply a million times and get rejected every time while I could be working on a concurrent career path and get something out of it after ~1.5 years while I wait to get into med (however long that will take!) Anyways, I hadn't read much about it on here, so I was hoping someone might have an idea Thanks!!!!
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