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  1. They don't specify that it you have to be from BC. Your rural lived experiences can be from anywhere in Canada so if you are OOP then you can apply as well!
  2. If you are open to sharing your experience I think you should put it down. On my application I talked about a serious health illness that I had. Obviously not the same as you but both would be an example of overcoming adversity. If it contributed to who you are today I think it's important to put it. The one thing I'm not sure about is how you would put the hours down for it. For my entry the hours were a combination of how long I was in the hospital + rehab time.
  3. Thanks! You need to provide proof of enrollment first. I cant remember about the other banks, but RBC was 8 years. The other banks were for sure throughout your entire med school/residency. RBC was the one that had a "healthcare specialist" representative. For the other two, try to get someone who deals with small business loans or lines of credit or else they may not be knowledgable enough to answer all your questions.
  4. The healthcare specialist I spoke to out RBC said there was no promo for an Ipad, but you could use the Avion points to buy one I would think.
  5. Thought I would make this post for everyone else that is trying to find the best bank to get a LOC with. I want to preface this with saying that I'm not affiliated with any bank this is just what I learned from the 3 major providers I met with. I bolded the things that were unique about each bank TD Up to 300,000 LOC at prime-0.25 LOC is given in increments each year Access to free banking + premium credit card Interest only payments until 2 years after residency 500$ amazon gift card for signing up with them CIBC Up to 350,000 LOC at prime-0.25 LOC is given in in
  6. Admissions Blog just posted "waitlist questions"
  7. The biggest benefit to doing your fourth year is the AGPA calculation (assuming that will help you), so I think that alone would be enough reason to finish your fourth year
  8. Which town are you from? I ask because you can potentially do the rural aspect of the application - they have seats reserved for rural applicants to apply for.
  9. I can't stop going through each station of the interview over and over in my head ... I just want to know already!
  10. Do they send everything out on May 10 or do they spread it out?
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