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  1. Result: Accepted of the waitlist (last week; only posting for stats) 2YRGPA: 3.86 cGPA: 3.77 Year: Graduated undergrad 4 years ago MCAT: 518 (130/125/131/132) EC: One 2nd author publication, 2 conferences, little bit of research in surgery and patient centered care. Student government throughout undergrad, international athlete, a bunch of miscellaneous cookie-cutter like activities (hospital volunteering, peer tutor, etc. etc.). Worked 2 full-time jobs throughout undergrad. Reference Letters: Confident about all 3 referees. I knew all of them for 3+ years and have a
  2. You got this! I think everyone here wants you to make it!!
  3. I think that’s it for me. The past few years have taken a big toll on me
  4. Rejection here. IP AQ: 31 NAQ: 42 MCAT: 518 Interview: Above average I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve literally tried everything and it seems medical school is not for me
  5. I got an event notification on my phone and the icon really looks like my email icon. Needless to say, I pooped my pants.
  6. I only know this because I was with friends who got in last year. They got their email roughly an hour after I got my rejection
  7. No they weren’t. I think they were about 1-1.5h apart
  8. Okay. Thanks for the information! Sask asks you to have referees submit letters and people who get a full file review get their references contacted from what I understood
  9. I don’t think that the interviews would be different since we get to pick our interview slots. I’m just wondering if the stats they post include people who are only being considered for rural spots
  10. Does anyone know if Manitoba does the same thing as Saskatchewan where if you didn't get your references contacted you probably didn't get an offer?
  11. Out of curiosity, are people only considered for NMP included in the 673 people interviewed or are they supernumerary to the interim stats posted?
  12. Same here. I just keep replaying the stations in my head and I start thinking of what i could have said different. May 15 cannot come sooner
  13. Absolutely. This has been my 5th time applying. Most of my verifiers I still keep in touch with to a certain extent so it’s not suuuper awkward, but there is a handful of them that I only talk to in August for verification purposes.
  14. In 2017 the pre-email came out around April 22nd or something of the sorts and D-Day was May 11th (i think). Hopefully something similar this year!
  15. I do agree with this. There are vastly more qualified candidates than there are spots. They could lose out on a good candidate and fill that position with any other good candidate quite easily.
  16. In theory, they could do all the things they did pre-interview. However, I haven’t heard of anyone having verifiers/references contacted post-interview. It seems like NAQs aren’t assessed as rigorously as they are pre-interview.
  17. If I’m lucky enough to receive an acceptance I will definitely take the summer off, see friends and family, focus on some R&R before school starts. If not, I’ll kee working throughout the summer
  18. Usually yes. But in 2015 UBC released before OMSAS. Hoping it’ll be the same this year
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