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  1. i will for sure. i thought having 6 courses in one semester would gave some credits considering i was working full time but i don't think so
  2. Hi all hope you are all safe ! i am about to complete a bachelor degree and I have a question : in the current year (and last year of my bachelor), I studied 5 courses in fall 2019 and 2 courses in winter 2020. the 2 courses in winter 2020 was the last courses I had to complete to obtain my degree and I couldn't add any other courses as per the university requirements. This happened because in one previous semesters I studied 6 courses in fall 2018 (see below) - summer 2018 : 1 course ( 3 credits per course) - fall 2018: 6 courses ( 3 credits per course) - Wint
  3. Bonjour ESt ce que ces cours incluent une portion Labo ? car je me demande si Mcgill les accepte sans labos vu la situation actuelle. Est ce que qq un avait posait la question à Mcgill ? Merci !!
  4. i do agree that anyone can i apply, but do you know if there is an ottawa med student with accounting undergrad ?
  5. Hi guys do you know anyone admitted to Ottawa med school with an accounting undergrad ? because i am wondering if ottawa limit admission to its med school to student with health/sciences background Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone do you think that extraccuricular activities matters for mcgill admission if done after graduation ? because i work 37 h /week, have a 2 yo child and study 5 course per term so i can't really do these activities and want to focus more on my GPA. any advise ? Thanks
  7. once i called the admission office and the person on the phone confirmed to me that if the second degree is not conferred as of July 31 (i.e. you completed 60 crédits but still need some credits to get degree), they will consider your new 60 credits but also a 30 credits from your previous degree.
  8. Hi Guys

    I am starting a 2nd degree in public accounting and have few questions :

    1. should I volunteer while completing my 2nd undergrad or I can volunteer after graduating because I am afraid to impact my GPA while volunteering

    2. any advice on type of volunteering



    1. McGillMedAmbassadors


      1. This completely depends you. Many volunteer during their school year, but many also don't and choose to do other things. If you feel like taking time away from studying will impact your GPA in a negative way, then don't. There's no wrong way to do this, and volunteering isn't a must to get into medical school. 


      2. Anything that you're interested in really! Something that many candidates think is that volunteering has to be related to healthcare. Honestly, we want people who are passionate by what they do, so please don't feel the necessity to limit yourself. We love diversity!

    2. gatbacan


      Thanks for your feedback. appreciated !!

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