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  1. For those who paid with certified cheques, has your deposit status on OAS updated to "received"?
  2. TIME STAMP: 12:25pm pst Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: ACCEPTED VFMP!!! (1st choice) AGPA: 90 MCAT: 512 (127/127/129/129) ECs: Nothing spectacular. Added events from personal/family life that have really shaped who I am and what kind of doctor I want to be. Geography: IP Interview: 2nd time interviewing at UBC. Felt much more comfortable than last year, but still there were about 4-5 stations I agonized over for months (not a healthy habit and we shouldn't do this to ourselves but oh well.. ) This year has been one of much uncertainty, hopefulness, hopelessness, fr
  3. I haven't applied to UofA in teh past and am not too familiar with its app process, but thinking about applying next year as OOP. I am just curious about the difference in mean GPA between C2020 and C2021 for non-Albertans. That drop from 3.98 and 3.86 for OOP is remarkable.. Was there a change in how UofA calculates the GPA (ie worst year no longer removed.. etc) last year?
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