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  1. Try looking of university of calgary since they give the option to exclude grades that are more than 10 years old for mature applicants Consider Ottawa/Queens/Western also since they all have a GPA calc that doesn't take into account all your undergrad work
  2. Got an offer to IMP (my first choice site) on Wednesday that I accepted!!
  3. ~86% aGPA and a 516 MCAT. This was my 5th application and first interview I've gotten so there's always hope!
  4. Got offer to SMP today. IP applicant. So excited!
  5. Blog just updated with Round 6. Anyone hear back?
  6. It's the timestamp on OAS on the communication history page for the original waitlist email Edit - Blog just updated. Looks like round 5 went out and the waitlist was shortened
  7. Nothing here Last name starts with C, timestamp 9:10:35. IP applicant
  8. I believe that's because OAS has opened for the next application cycle
  9. This is my 4th (and last) cycle applying and there does seem to be A LOT less people posting invite invitations compared to previous years. If I had to guess, I'd probably say there is another wave(s) coming. Something just doesn't add up imo
  10. Looks like there's ~500 interview spots still available. Not sure if it's updating real-time though
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