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  1. Offer to NMP today! Edited post in top feed for stats
  2. I think after that based off what they told me on the phone, but before the application deadline
  3. Does anyone know what the chances of getting off the waitlist at this point are? -an anxious remaining waitlister
  4. Is it worth applying for the next year? GPA: 3.97 CARS: 127 Casper: haven’t written it yet oop
  5. In honor of tomorrow I’ll share my interview story... first off I had no idea that we would be given paper... secondly I forgot it in the first room... that was the end of that!
  6. Timestamp: Aug 6th May 10th 11am PST (waitlist) Status: Accepted to NMP off waitlist! Early or Regular Deadline: Regular OGPA: 91.5% (ineligible for AGPA) MCAT: 513 (127 CARS) Year: Graduated BSc in Dec 2018 ECs: varied and long term Geography: IP
  7. Does anyone know if we still have to send in transcripts from this year to them? Or only if we are accepted? I have heard mixed things and I noticed the status for new transcript updates was added to my oas
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